not sure what happened

I have a confession…

I didn’t get out of bed and start outdoor C25K this morning.

This is a really awesome start to changing my habits.  NOT!  I have no excuses except that I’m Sunday lazy today.  I wanted to do nothing but watch football games (yes, I’m a girl, so what?) and that’s exactly what I did.  Weekends are really tough when it comes to motivation because the hubby and kids are home.  It’s not an excuse, but it is the truth!

So, it looks like tomorrow is the start of my new program.  I’m planning on two a days, back to back.

This weeks schedule:

  • Monday: Body Strength/C25K; W1D1
  • Tuesday: C25K; W1D2
  • Wednesday: Body Strength
  • Thursday: C25K; W1D3
  • Friday: Kettle Core & Cardio
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Yoga @ home



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