Couch to 5k – The Beginning

I WENT TO THE GYM!!!  Call Channel 4 News!!!

I wanted to try out the Body Strength class today but I got there about 10 minutes late because of middle school carpool.  Bummer.  I’m not one to walk into a class late.  Especially if you have to get out weights and bars and all that shit.  The voices in my head are already yelling “You need to stop looking me as I start this treadmill.  I mean…I don’t need you judging me as I try these free weights.  Yes, my shirt keeps riding up, I’m well aware, LOOK THE OTHER WAY!!”  I felt a bit like I was having a Fat Amy convo….

Any who, I don’t need class participants giving me the stink for arriving late I so I skipped the class.  There’s another one on Wednesday and Friday.  I will make it to one of those!

So, I started C25k again today.  I felt like I was flying on air while doing the workout.  I was having a lot of numbness stuff in my lower left leg in recent weeks which made me think it was related to my hip/back issue but I discovered today that my shoes have just been tied too tight.  What. the. F!  That’s it?  I loosened the laces and off I went.

c25k w1d1

I’m serious when I say that I felt awesome.  Best run in a long time!  When I first started out I was feeling like I couldn’t breathe (damn allergies) but once I got going that feeling went away.  I started out at a 3.5 walk, 5.0 “run”.  I worked up to a 3.5 walk, 6.7 run.  And that folks, is my limit right now.  I threw in a 3.0 incline on my last two runs and I already feel my ass muscles trying to rise up to the sun.  Which reminds me…I need to do daily squats because my saggy ass is no bueno.

I followed up the workout with some free weights for my arms and shoulders.  Bicep curls, shoulder raises, shoulder press, triceps extension, etc. Felt good and I’m feeling the soreness set in as I type this.  I remember when I was working out all the time and how sore I always was.  I can’t wait to feel like that again!!!

I know that C25k calls for a rest day but I’m thinking that I’m just going to roll into day 2 tomorrow.  I’m also thinking I might take the kickboxing class at my gym since I missed the class today.  I’m feeling unstoppable right now and I need to keep the momentum going.

Let’s do this!!

Stay healthy my friends.


4 thoughts on “Couch to 5k – The Beginning

  1. Way to go! Keep up the good work. I started a 5k running program back in March and now training for a half marathon. Just completed 11 miles last week. When I started I couldn’t even run a mile. You will be amazed at what your body can do if you just keep going. One little step at a time.

    • Thanks Jennifer! I’m hoping that it keeps getting easier. My ultimate goal is a half so I’m going to keep going till I get there. 🙂 I’ve been seeing all the posts about the Women’s Nike Half in San Francisco. That would be fun! Or one of the Disney races!?!? That would be exciting. Good luck with your training. Will you be blogging about it?

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