Awesome 80’s 5K Recap

I’m reading all of the other blogs and everyone is recapping the New York City Marathon.  Well….I have an even greater treat for you.  I’m going to recap the Awesome 80’s 5K race the kids and I did this past Saturday.  Boom!  Mind blown.

I discovered this race on Facebook when someone posted that this race was free via  Well…free is a magic word to me so I rushed over to Active and signed up my kids and myself.  The run promised an 80’s theme and who doesn’t love the 80’s?  The icing on the cake is when I found out that the race had a specific theme of Star Wars.  More specifically Darth Vader!  My 8 year old love Star Wars so what better way to commemorate his first 5K than with a Star Wars t-shirt and Darth Vader medal.  Perfect!

The race had a start time of 7am so we left the house at 5:15am.  I don’t do mornings, but for this, I was willing.  We got to the race starting area around 6:30am, picked up our packets, and pinned on the bibs.  By the time we got that and potty breaks done, it was time to line up.  There were tons of fun costumes.  Luigi and Mario, lots of Star Wars characters, Ghostbusters, etc.  Our costumes were basically the oldest clothes we could find in our closets and side pony tails.  I think that’s sufficient, you?

Moving on…

The race started promptly at 7:03am.  We took off because the kiddos were sure they were going to win this thing and even after I told them to take it easy, they had high ambitions.  After about .74 miles they started to tucker out and started asking if it was almost over.  I heard that a few times from other little ones and I had to laugh.  This was a fun 5k after all so there were a lot of walkers.  We became walkers pretty quickly too.  Both kiddos hung in there pretty good though and in the end we finished at about an hour.

I’m sooo proud of my kids for going for it and not quitting.  They never once wanted to quit, they just complained the entire way.  Ha!







In Conclusion:  This particular race was smaller than any of the others I had ever done.  The original price for the race was something like $55, which in my opinion is a bit much for a fun run 5K.  The costume aspect was fun and a lot of people really got into it.  I’ve done other fun runs and they usually don’t cover the distance that they promised but this one was spot on according to Nike+.  Nike actually came in a little above 3.1 miles.  The race was well organized (took no time to get our packets) and we were in and out of there with no problems.  Even parking was rather pleasant.  The best part was probably the Darth Vader medal and the fact that my kiddos were sooo stinkin’ proud of themselves for finishing it.  I have to say that I’m pretty proud of them too.  Yay!


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