Excuses, Excuses

Ok, so today is Wednesday and I’m supposed to get my butt to the gym for week 2, day 2 of C25K.  When I went to bed last night I was “for sure” going to hit the gym right after dropping the young-un off at school.  When I started going through the motions this morning for getting everyone off to their destinations on time, my lower back started to tighten up.  This is actually new for me because I don’t really have back pain unless I’ve been walking a lot or have been doing a lot of bending.

Any who, I guess I could say that the “back” pain is more off to the left and right above my butt.  It’s more muscle pain and I’m not sure where it is coming from.  Add to that the tight hip and I’m really on the fence about getting the workout done.  I know that once I go, I’ll be glad that I did, pain and all.  In the end, even if I can’t do the actual run/walk workout I should at least get to the gym and try!

So I guess the real question today is….is this important to me?  Is it important to me to prove to myself that I can complete this program (again).  Is it important to me to do something good for my health.  Is it important to prove to my kids that anything is possible.  And the answer is….yes!

I need to quit with the excuses and just get out there and do it.  Yes, body parts hurt but should that determine the way I handle this?

My plan right now is to get out my foam roller and try to loosen up my back and probably my hamstrings (I’m starting to think my tight hamstrings are definitely related to all the pain in my hip).  Maybe I’ll slap some heat on my buttback area as well and see how that goes.

I plan to be off to the gym in the next half hour.  My update to follow….


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