My Running Wish List

Hey…Christmas is just around the corner!  My favorites to add to my “Christmas Running Wish List”:

Nike+ Sportswatch GPS

I’ve been drooling over this watch for months.  At $169 I want to be sure that I’m going to use the crap out of it before I commit to buying it.  I heard/saw that a white/pink version is coming out (that might be false or just a dream).  If there is no white/pink version I’ll take this one.  Ha!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Fuel Belt 10 oz. Handheld Water Bottle

I’m planning on running outdoors a bit more so I need something that will hold my drink and my stuff.  This one has a neat little pocket for my id, keys, and GU (if I get to that distance).  And the price is right at $13.

Nathan Supersonic 5 Armband

I’ve been using my iPhone 4 armband with my iPhone 5 and I must say that I’m starting to worry that my phone is going to pop out of the armband pretty soon.  My current band is so worn out it’s not going to hold much longer.  This band is $25.

Running Like a Girl: Kindle Edition

I started reading the intro to this book on my Kindle after seeing a positive review in Fitness Magazine.  I’m loving it.  This particular book is about getting up and doing it.  It’s about the difficulties in running and the happy times.  It’s about “Running Like a Girl”.  The Kindle version is $11.

What’s on your wish list?


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