Back on the Bus


It’s been a while!  I’ve been working on doing nothing constructive lately.  I’ve half assed my food journaling and workouts.  I’ve been eating whatever sounds good without regard to how that would effect me.  I have to say that I’m feeling terrible.  In the past I’ve never really believed that food choices made you feel one way or another but now I know that my food choices are making me sick….literally.

I went to my doctor the other day because I’m still feeling nauseous most days.  All of those antibiotics have not helped with my stomach infection and now I’m waiting to see a GI doctor.  It’s quiet lovely!  I was hoping to be done with this issue but it seems to just hang on.  I’m dreaming about a life without stomach sickness.  It’s been so long since I’ve felt 100% that I don’t even know what it might feel like if I ever get there again.  Hopefully the specialist will be able to help (at least I’m not alone, my doctor told me she has three other patients that are resistant to the treatment).

With all of that going on I’ve had little motivation to exercise.  Thinking about running while feeling like I have the stomach flu has not been positive.  I’ve tried and I’ve only felt more sick, so I just quit.  I’m so tired of this crap!  Ugh.

I’ve decided to put running on the back burner for a little while.  I want to lose some pounds before I attempt it again.  I think my hip and back will thank me for it as well (Jesus….I sound like I’m 85 years old with all of my health problems).  Maybe when some of the weight is off it will make it more comfortable?

I rummaged through all of my diet and exercise tools this morning in an attempt to find something that sounds doable to me.  Something that might give me some results while I deal with my stomach issues and mind tricks/self sabotage.  I ran across my Chalene Johnson stash.  My sisters husband burned me the Turbo Fire disks about a year ago and even though the workout makes me want to punch the TV (I’m just not that coordinated) I’m willing to try it again.  I also found the Push book my sister gave me for Christmas one year.  I’m willing to work through that as well (I started and never finished).



I’ve also decided to give the South Beach Diet another try.  If nothing else, SB does help curb carb and processed food cravings and I’m definitely having those right now.  Plus I’ve had weight loss success on SB and hope to have it again.  My most recent attempt didn’t yield the results that I wanted but I did follow the plan loosely so it’s understandable.  I’m going to be more strict about it this go around and we will see what happens.

My goals for this week:

  • Work through week one of the Push activities.  Document the journey each day.
  • Make it through no carbs/no sugar for week one.  The first phase is only 2 weeks!  I can do it.
  • Begin Turbo Fire today and do all 6 workouts for the week.

Mantra:  This is going to be tough but I acknowledge the challenge.  I will take it one day at a time and this week will be a success.

I’m willing to:  Make sure I have plan friendly foods in my house.  I will get dressed for my workouts and will start each assigned workout even if it’s difficult to do so.  I’m going to reflect each night before bed on what’s happening and bring myself back to my goals if I feel resolutions slipping away.

Away we go…


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