Turbo Fire/SB – Day 3

I’ve made it to day 3!!!  Rest day.  Hallelujah.

In all honesty I’m loving Turbo Fire this time around.  I still can’t get all of the moves (when she punches and then turns and then comes back to punch….yah…that’s annoying) but I’m just sticking with it.  The Turbo Fire workouts are anything but easy but they are super fun.  Before you know it your time is up and you’re completely out of breath and sweating like a whore in church.  I have a bootleg copy of the program (I think I’ve mentioned this) and the only problem I’m currently having is that the disks freeze or can’t be played without a lot of convincing on my part.  I may eventually buy my own original set so that I can have a crisp experience!

I discovered the Beachbody website this time around as well.  You can choose to sign up for a free membership or one where you have access to meal plans and such for $2.99 a week.  I chose to go with the free edition because it has everything I want.  I love that I can use the preset calendar on the site.  It tells me exactly what workout I need to do for any given day. You can also find “buddies” (or they find you) and participate in the message boards.  It’s one of the more usable and relevant sites I’ve joined.

As I was poking around the Beachbody website yesterday I discovered that you can sign up to be a Beachbody “coach”.  If you know me, you might know that I’m a sucker for direct sale companies and that is exactly what this is.  The more I turn the idea over in my head the more I’m thinking that this is something I might want to do.  The jist of it is that you pay a start up ($40) and then have a monthly fee ($15).  This provides you with your own Beachbody website, 25% discounts on anything you purchase and a 25% commission on anything someone else purchases from your site.  I’m enticed by this particular opportunity because it’s a fairly newer offer so there are not a ton of “coaches” yet.  It’s also interesting to me because it’s a) relevant and b) a huge industry (weight loss and health) in the US.  Plus I want the discounts for new workout programs and the Shakeology packets.  It sounds like a perfect opportunity for me to become more involved in health and fitness!  I talked with my husband last night about the idea and he was “on the fence”.  We basically made a deal that if I get half way through Turbo Fire and I’m seeing the results I want, then I would sign up to be a coach.  I have about 42 days to go…I’ll let ya know.  😉

South Beach diet is going ok and I’m on day three of that as well.  I’m struggling a little more with it today because I really would like to eat a piece of fruit or something “sweet”.  The cravings have obviously hung on a little longer than I’m used to.  I’ve been very strict with my eating this time!  I’ve gotten a lot of veggies and lean proteins and that’s it.  Did I mention that I want to eat a piece of fruit really bad?  The only slip up I’ve had so far was that I ate half a potato chip when making my sons lunch yesterday.  Ha!  And I may or may not have smelled a Nutty Bar to the point where I could almost taste it.  What?  They smell good!

Goals for the next few days:

  • Continue with the Push workshop.  Although not addressed in this post, this aspect is going great!  I’m loving the insight I’m gaining.
  • Continue with the no carbs/no sugar because if I quit now I’d be so pissed with myself.
  • And of course I will continue with Turbo Fire.  Next workout is on Thursday.

*I’ve started two new blogs.  One about family life (our family chronicles) and one about good stuff I’m trying and loving (makeup, food, etc.) (the good files).  Come check them out in a few days.  New posts coming soon!


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