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I got an email the other day from Weight Watchers.  Being a previous member I get a ton of emails that try to entice me to sign back up.  The email I got the other day ended up doing the job, I decided to sign up for the online program.

Truth be told, if you work the program it will work for you.  I spent so many wasted months trying to find a diet that would get me quick results.  During 2013 I probably tried at least 4 different diets (Body Reset, South Beach, Slim Fast, soup diet, etc.) and supplements that promised weight loss results.  Not one diet I tried was sustainable (how the hell do people carry around freaking smoothies everywhere they go?) and although I did get some quick results, the weight just came back the minute I started eating like a normal fat person.  I learned absolutely nothing, except that defeat tastes shitty!

I’m currently a week and two days into WW again.  I took it slow as I started out and really did some exploring within the program. WW isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life.  The program teaches you how to have a healthy relationship with food, it’s not just telling you how to be restrictive and what you should  and shouldn’t eat.  I had success on WW before, losing about 35 pounds, and I know that it works.

Yes, it is true that I have started and stopped WW many times before but I can’t allow that to happen again.  I’m invested this time around.  I took my first week on program to really get my head on straight.  WW has a Success Handbook (which I had laying around) that gives you some great tools to figure out your how, why, where, what, etc.  I worked through that book in the first week and I came out at the other end with a clear understanding of how tough this will be, but also how worth it the journey will get.

My first order of business was just figuring out what to eat.  Obvi!  My first round at the rodeo, where I reached my final goals, I tended to eat the same things everyday.  I’d have a hard boiled egg and slice of toast for breakfast, a frozen meal for lunch and a decent portion for dinner.  That worked!  There was little guess work.  Plus I was single and poor so my food choices were minimal.  Ha!  This time around (or the other 3 times I’ve attempted WW while trying to take care of a family) it’s proven to be a lot harder.  My family isn’t willing to eat some of my “experimental”  meals so I’m trying to navigate around that.  Luckily WW is very aware of the different populations that come to WW for help and their resources are enormous.  After really considering all of my options I’ve come to the point where I know that I need to keep it simple.  Fancy isn’t going to work here!

*I also found an IG’er that posts great WW food ideas-whatjenjustate

20131230-121345.jpgA typical breakfast on WW.  This one was 5 points.

I can’t say that I will have a loss every week, I didn’t even have a loss the first week, but I know that if I stick with it my body will eventually follow along.  Honestly tracking, drinking my water, incorporating veggies and fruit at every meal, getting active, and sleeping when I need to are all keys to my success.  I will stumble but as long as I get back up, I will get there.

WW discourages beginners from choosing their ultimate goal right off the bat, but lets be honest, everyone has that one (or several depending how you feel) number(s) in their head that look good from afar.  I have my eye on losing 38 pounds!  Daunting but doable.  Spoiler alert:  Broken down into manageable pieces that means my first goal is to lose 5% (a little less than 10 pounds). When I get to the milestone, I’ll set my next goal.  Looking at 38 POUNDS TO LOSE just makes me sick to my stomach.

I’ll be checking in here with my weekly weigh ins.  They will probably be general, as in, “I lost/gained x amount of pounds this week” but it’s the accountability I’m looking for nevertheless.

Let’s do this!


I’m excited to get reading!

What’s your eating plan?  Do you have one?  Does it work for you?


3 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Online

  1. Do you do any exercises? I’ve tried all the diets you mentioned except WW. I can’t seem to pay someone to help me lose weight. I know the online version is different than going to the meetings. One thing you mentioned, you may think WW as a lifestyle change but no matter your diet plan whether it be WW or any other plan, you have to change your lifestyle for it to work.

    I am a diabetic and I was diagnosed over 6 years ago. My doctor is doing his job but I was not. I continued to eat like there was no tomorrow. Cheeseburgers and fries was my daily supplement. I gain so much weight that I started having knee issues. My heaviest was 345 back in 2009 and being a diabetic, an uncontrolled diabetic that is, caused me to loose some weight but it wasn’t until my doctor’s visit back in November 2011 when he laid down the law and told me if I didn’t do something I was not going to live to see my kids graduate high school. It was then I started exercising and watching what I ate. No diet plan, no Atkins, no WW, and no supplements. I lost over thirty pounds in six months.

    I have a friend who is constantly trying to get me on Advocare. I just can’t seem to pay her over $200 for something that I’m not sure that will work. I know my plan works for me. If WW works for you more power to you. I’m not trying to discourage you by any means. Do what works for you. Set small goals and do what you can to reach them. Eat healthy and exercise is what I’m suggesting. Loose the weight slowly and continue to exercise and eat healthy and it will stay off. Once you start you can never go back to your old eating habits.

    Keep up the good work and I love reading your blog. Yoy have been such an inspiration to me.

    • Thank you for your kind comments. 🙂 I’ve tried many different diets and non seem to work for me. I successfully lost about 35 pounds on Weight Watchers, 10 years ago. It does work! I love the program because it completely re-teaches you how to eat. Making good for you choices makes it possible to get more full filling meals. If you make not so good choices you end up hungry. 😉 I returned to WW because I needed to get a grip. And to be honest, WW has come a long way since I first did it. You have so many options now. None of my other diet choices were sustainable (South Beach, Body Reset). I just had trouble being restrictive (not eating carbs, having to “eat” smoothies for every meal) so I decided to rejoin WW. Nothing is off limits and I can make that work. 🙂 I recently tried just eating good for you food but I wasn’t tracking, which is what WW is based on, and I ended up eating too much of the healthy foods. No matter what type of food you eat, if you eat too much of it it’s going to pack on the pounds. For me WW is just checks and balances system. It’s almost like balancing your checkbook. You get a certain amount of points to spend and when those run out you have to close up the spending. I love the control I have over that, it seems to keep me going.

      Everyone has something that works for them, you just have to pin point it. I was jumping around too much with trying this and trying that. I’m going to stick with WW for at least 6 months to really work the program. If after the 6 months there hasn’t been sufficient progress I’ll have to re evaluate. But I sure hope this works!! I’m so determined. 😉

      • Good luck to you. I really hope you find something to that works for you. I see so many pictures of people who share their before and after pictures where they’ve lost over 100 pounds in a year. It makes me sick that I can’t to that. Plus I don’t think that’s too healthy to loose that much weight at one time anyway. Like I said, good luck to you in your mission to loose weight. I’ll be keeping up with your progress.

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