January 2014 Monthly Goals

Hello, hello!

We are in a brand new year and I’m ready to get the party started. As promised (and I’m sure you have been waiting with baited breath) I bring you the first installment of my monthly goals.  You may remember that I hem and hawed the other day about new years resolutions.  The blog post brought me a ton of anxiety but in the end I worked through it and came to a conclusion that I could be happy with.  If you missed that post, or if you just want to re-read it because you think it’s awesome, you can find it here! As 2014 progresses I will be setting three monthly goals.  I love new stuff (who doesn’t?) so I hope that keeping my goals fresh and updated will keep me moving in the right direction.



Spending Freeze


Track everyday, all day


Complete 30 Day Shred

So there they are, written in stone.  I think these goals are well rounded and achievable in the next 31 days.  Not too overwhelming or crazy?!  The exact logistics for each of these goals are as follows:

Spending Freeze

This one is the one that I’m most nervous for.  I talked about how I purchase unnecessary things just because I can in my original resolution post.  It’s gotten out of hand so I figured that I really needed to reign this habit in.  For the month of January I resolve to stop spending money on “extras”.  No random makeup purchases, Redbox rentals (sorry kids), or knick knacks.  These purchases add up and before you know it, I’m short on paying the cellular bill.  Exceptions on the freeze include food and toiletries as well as gas for the car.  Also, if there is an emergency such as a flat tire, I’m going to have to dip into the funds to remedy the problem.  The freeze is also specific to me.  My husband already practices spending freezes.  Mr. Frugal should be his middle name!  I’m excited to see how this one goes.  I hope I can resist, I’m thinking I shouldn’t even tempt myself by visiting stores and I’m going to unsubscribe from all of my email offers (Groupon, Sephora, all you evil companies that tempt me with deals!).

Track everyday, all day

This one is a big one on the road to success.  Many weight loss experts suggest keeping a food journal so that you can see exactly what you are putting in your pie hole.  Traditional WW is based on this concept!  I have had a bad habit in the past of eating something extremely sinful and then not tracking it.  If I don’t track it, it didn’t happen.  Right?  Wrong!  This is my biggest downfall with WW.  I need to practice being honest.  The only one that I’m cheating is myself when I don’t honestly document my food intake. For the month of January I resolve to track everything I eat.  It doesn’t matter if the food was 40 points and I’m all out of points for the day/week. It’s going to be written down!

Complete 30 Day Shred

I had an OK streak going with Turbo Fire recently.  Turbo Fire, for those that don’t know, is a 6 day a week workout.  It’s pretty intense and you can expect great results if you do everything by the book.  Well…my disks decided to quit on me when I was 2 weeks along in the program.  During the first two weeks of doing the program the disks kept freezing and annoying the heck out of me.  Long story short, I gave up on Turbo Fire.  I know that most weight loss happens in the kitchen but I also know that activity helps to move that along.  I considered my arsenal of workout DVD’s and decided that Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred could give me enough of a challenge, but not kill me in the process.  For the month of January I resolve to workout everyday, for 30 days, with 30 Day Shred.  I have plans to follow up with Ripped in 30 for February.  If I can stick to the plan, I will “treat” myself to a T25 challenge pack in March.  Now that’s incentive, right?  We’ll see how this goes!

To remind myself of this months goals I posted a note on my bathroom mirror.  I plan on posting this a couple of other locations throughout the house, in my wallet, and probably in my car.  I hope this does the trick in keeping me on track!


Are you doing monthly goals this year?  I want to hear about your January resolutions!!


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