Update-Week 2

I almost forgot to get this update up!!  Pardon my oversight.  Ha!

I spent the last seven days really sticking to this months goals.  This monthly goal setting is working very well for me.  I have a ton of motivation at this point and I’m really impressed with myself.  😉

Goal reminders:

  1. Track all day, everyday
  2. Complete 30 Day Shred
  3. Spending Freeze

*notice that my priority order has changed

I’ve taken the tracking goal and I’ve stuck to this 100%.  It IS the key to my success!  Tracking what I eat everyday has opened up my eyes big time.  I’m being honest and diligent with this particular goal and it’s finally started to pay off (see below).  I’ve also stuck to the 30 Day Shred goal.  I read a MFP post that claims Jillian said in a podcast that she never intended for the 30DS to be done every single day.  When I first read that I was like “what? she should have given it a different name then”.  But then I hit day 3, aka sore as hell day, and I thought a break would be ok.  To be honest, over the past 7 days, I’ve done the Shred 4 times.  The other 3 days were spent doing alternative workouts.  I spent all day yesterday walking and the day before that I had a cleaning fest. The 3rd non Shred day I literally rested! I’m not going to beat myself up for that.  I’ve accomplished more that usual when it comes to sticking to a workout.  Moving forward I’ll be doing the Shred for the next 3 days (did it today and my ass is already hurting again) and then I’ll play it by ear for the weekend.  I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous about starting level 2.  The spending freeze is going good as well.  I have not purchased any unnecessary items.  This is HUGE for me!

So all that said, the one thing that keeps replaying in my mind is that I just need to make it 21 days to form these habits (although, this article argues that point).  I’m 1/3 of the way there, peeps!  Will I make a miraculous recovery and be totally reformed at the end of 21 days?  Probably not!  But as the days go by I become more and more confident in what I can accomplish and that the changes will stick.  There will be bumps but if I can concentrate on my goals for the most part, then I’ve won.

What I really wanted to address today is my weigh in results.  I weigh in on Sunday and this week I was really nervous about doing so.  You see, on Saturday this week I had GAINED weight.  And you might remember that I didn’t lose an ounce the week before. Being that it has been my first two weeks on WW I was super discouraged.  You are supposed to lose when you start a new program!  I was doing everything right and to have no loss and then a possible gain was ridiculous.  I could have thrown the towel in right at that moment (like I have done many times in the past) but I reminded myself that I had committed to at least 6 months of my current plan.  I stepped on the scale Sunday morning expecting a gain.  I was pleasantly surprised when the scale came back with a 2 pound loss.  Yay!

Reflection:  I know that two weeks is just a drop in the bucket.  I have such a long road ahead!  But even if it has been just two weeks, I’ve worked hard and I’m not ready to throw that away.  I can see my body changing (I can’t wait to take measurements at the end of the month) and I’ve made some changes that I need to last a lifetime.  So I’m choosing to focus less on the “road ahead” and more on what I’ve accomplished so far.

Mini goals for the week ahead:  drink more water, get more sleep, and be nice to myself (no fat talk!).

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