Green Smoothies

I’ve tried the green smoothie trend.  It is a trend, isn’t it?

Smoothies with spinach.  Smoothies with fruit.  Smoothies with kale.  Smoothies with everything but the kitchen sink.  I could never get it quiet right.  Some of the smoothies were so so, some were ok and some were downright nasty.  I think I was trying to be too healthy, if that’s possible.  Not adding any extras to my smoothies and following extreme recipes.  I mean, a recipe that has no sweetener and straight up veggies with a dab of fruit is extreme.  Right?

So I kinda gave up on the smoothies for a while.  I have a ginormous bag of frozen Costco fruit in my freezer and a economy size ground flax seed bag that is begging to be used but I wasn’t sure how to use it!  Pinterest has tons of ideas on how to prep for easy smoothies and many recipes but I was kinda lost on what to try next.

DIY Green Smoothie System (Make a Month of Meals in an Hour) | Henry Happened

Image from Henry Happened

I honestly didn’t know how to restart my smoothie experiment until I ran across a post over at Henry Happened.  I LOVE this post!!  It breaks down the ABC’s of green smoothies and makes it easy to get started.  I also like the simplicity of her smoothie recipes.  Nothing too funky or difficult.  Check out the post linked above if you want to try your hand at green smoothies.  So easy even a caveman could do it!

I know what I’m having for breakfast!!  😉


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