Ending January and New Goals

Oh wow.  It’s the 5th of February and I’ve been meaning to get this update/new goals post up here so that I can continue to move along the path.

Ok, here are my January goal reminders:

  • track everyday
  • complete 30 day shred
  • spending freeze

I did really well on 2 out of 3 goals.  My tracking was spot on, for the most part.  For the month of January I only missed tracking a few meals and some night time snacking.  I consider that a win!  The 30 Day Shred started and ended soon after.  I think I got 10 or 14 days into it (can’t remember) and I quit.  I’ve decided that Jillian is just too damn annoying.  I tried turning the volume down on the video but I still couldn’t handle her.  Ugh!  Any who, I quit 30DS and moved on to Turbo Fire.  I like Chalene a lot more than Jillian.  That’s for sure.  (See my February goals below for update on TF).  The spending freeze went really good as well.  I managed to spend only $25 for the whole month on “extra’s”.  Then I was on my last day of the month and ended up buying makeup.  Oops!  I did make it almost the entire month though so I’ll consider it a goal reached!

Things I’ve learned during the month of January:  I can live without spending money on stuff every other day.  I’m pretty anal about my workouts.  I might lack motivation with some of my workouts (see below).  Tracking is definitely the key to success.

January Results:


I’m down 4 pounds since the start of WW.  I know that isn’t stellar or impressive for most, but I’m ok with it.  I have to be!  I told myself when I started WW that I would take my time and do it right for the last time.  It seems like I had a loss every other week and the weeks opposite I would gain.  I hope that isn’t an indication that I will gain next week?  That would suck because I’m currently a pound away from my lowest weight in a long time.  I better get my ass in gear!  I love the WW website because you can really analyze what you were doing any given week and what your results were.  I noticed that on weeks with a gain I didn’t workout as much and I skipped tracking a couple of meals.  Soooo….I know where I need to make improvements.  Moving on!  PS:  New weight tracking day is Saturday.  Yay!  😉

Any who…

I’m on to my next item.  FEBRUARY GOALS!

February happens to be my birth month.  I’m turning 37 in a few days.  A few years back (2 to be exact) I told myself that I would reach my final goals that year.  Here we are 2 years later and I’m still not where I want to be.  I have made several adjustments though and I think that my mind set is different now.

For the past few days I’ve been slacking big time but I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that I shouldn’t throw everything away.  I’m realizing that it doesn’t have to be all of nothing.  I can still make good choices most of the time even if I have some not so good choices mixed in with that.  For the start of February I’m going to admit that I haven’t tracked as well as I did in January.  I kinda let the workouts slip to the side too.  I haven’t been “feeling” it.  I sit here today writing this knowing damn well that this better be my wake up call.  If I don’t come back to realizing my goals, it’s going to go to shit.  Seriously.  So here are my goals…

  • Track everything I eat/No Fast Food:  I decided to carry the tracking thing over to February because it is just a necessary evil.  If I ignore it, it still happened, might as well own up to it.  I also decided to skip fast food this month.  I somehow did this automatically in January which is a big deal.  I’m a fast food junkie…probably the reason I’m 30 pounds overweight!  There were a couple of days were we got fast food as a family because we were out and about and I can tell you that I felt like crap-o-la after those meals.  I’m thinking that eliminating the fast food all together is a great idea!! Save money and skip the stomach cramps.  Sounds good to me!
  • Work on Turbo Fire:  I started Turbo Fire right after I quit 30DS.  TF is intense and I started seeing some results right away. Things tighten up pretty quickly and I love the workouts.  That said, I’ve been slacking these first few days of February.  I’m just going to put that out there.  Ugh!  My goal for February is to do the workouts as scheduled.  I’m beginning again half way though week 2 (where I left off) tomorrow.
  • Work through PUSH:  I think that the PUSH program is a great accompaniment to the TF workouts.  Chalene Johnson created both and I really like the mind/body connection between the two.  If your head isn’t on straight, you really got nothin’.  I’m going to do the free program on her website.  I do have the book but I feel like the website is great because there are videos and additional guidance.  I’m on day 3 today and will adhere to the daily schedule.

So there they are.  I’m off to get things started (re-started?).

What are your goals for February?


5 thoughts on “Ending January and New Goals

  1. Congrats on your goal accomplished! I’m definitely going to try the spending freeze, that’s an excellent idea…..!!

    Have you looked into LCHF diets at all? Fast food is a factor for sure, but my hubby lost 85 pounds in one year and his dad lost 100 – without exercising – just with a LCHF diet. Not an easy lifestyle change mind you…but bacon and eggs for breakfast everyday can’t be all bad! 😉

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