Nothing To See Here!

You should just stop reading this blog!  I don’t know why I have all these great plans and then sabotage everything.  There is no way this can be inspiring for anyone.  (I don’t mean that…don’t go…please…stay!)

Last, last week I managed to get down to my lowest weight in a long time.  I was two pounds way from my lowest weight in about 7-9 years. You would think that something like that would motivate me greatly and that I would stick to the plan and get to that big milestone. Well…I know I didn’t reach that goal.  I didn’t even bother weighing in on Saturday because I’m positive that I didn’t reach the goal and I didn’t want the number to totally disappoint me so I skipped weighing in all together.  I couldn’t help but be a little ho hum about the whole thing and after I ignored, belittled, and then came to accept (in that order) what I had done, I decided to get back to it.

I’ll be honest, I’m not completely back on the wagon but I’ve taken steps to get it right again, just like I did when I started the journey a little over a month ago.  You know all those people that are always saying crap like “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey” or “a thousand miles begins with one step”, ya….well those people are so freaking right (I’m sure these are famous people I’m quoting…feel free to let me know in the comments who I can credit with this genius revelation!).  It’s taken me so long to realize that in my own personal journey, I do better when I just take things in small manageable steps.  I’m betting that might be the case for many others as well.

So all of that said, my February is dragging along on it’s ass.  All those goals in my last post, well, I have half assed most of them.  I haven’t been tracking, I haven’t done TF, and I had to spend today catching up on 4 days of PUSH.  Oh ya…I’ve also gone to eat out (is Rubio’s fast food?).  Which probably explains why I feel like a bloated manatee and look like one too!  Ugh.

I’m taking it back to the basics.  I ordered a Polar heart rate monitor which should arrive tomorrow (thanks to my sis’ b-day gift to me) and restarted Turbo Fire today.  I had to really push and convince myself that I wanted to do the workout.  I really didn’t want to do it and the whole time I was thinking “why the fuck am I doing this” but I got it done.  Only another 119 days of workouts to go. Dear baby Jesus…that sounds so daunting.  Then again, when you really break it down it’s not 119 days till the end, that’s just this particular program, I’m going to have to work out for the rest of my life.  :-/  I’ve also decided that tracking just has to be done.  I knew this but I’ve gotten really bored and annoyed with it lately so it fell to the wayside.  Today I tracked everything I put in my pie hole even though I went over on points.  Hey…some genius at my house put chicken parmesan on the menu for tonight and I couldn’t resist…oh…that genius was me.  Oops!  I’m seriously considering trying the Simply Filling plan so that I can quit with the points counting for a bit.  I’m thinking possibly next week or the week following might be a good time to try.  I just need to read up on it a bit more so that I know what I’m getting into.

Finally, my other plans are to go back and read my WW workbook.  I’m also going to spend more time on the WW website reading success stories and I’m going to interact more with my FB health groups.  I also want to blog more to keep things right in front and so that I’m open about what is happening.  Those are all things I stopped doing in the last couple of weeks and I definitely noticed my motivation disappearing as I slowly weaned off of those activities.  I can’t do it without the support of people going through the same things as me.  I just can’t!  I completely realize that and accept it.  Ha!

Other things to consider:

  • Water, water, water – I haven’t had enough and it shows since I’ve had a migraine since last Wednesday!
  • Keep snacks ready to go.  Chose fruit and veggies first.  If i don’t want those…I’m not really hungry.
  • Be aware!  I sometimes do things impulsively without even thinking.  Stop.  Think.  Then act!

I might be a little down but I’m definitely not out of this yet (or ever).  I just need to refocus my mind set and things will start moving in the right direction again.  Let’s do this!!

Now where did I put that Lindt truffle I’ve been saving (kidding, just kidding!)?


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