Turbo Fire – The Beginning

My choice workout program at the moment is Turbo Fire.  I LOVE this program because it keeps me interested.  It doesn’t necessarily keep me motivated, I have to do that for myself, but as long as I can get my butt moving in the first place then this workout fits the bill.  The workouts start and are over really quickly.  Even the 55 minute workouts go by fast!  It might seem fast because I’m pretty much huffing and puffing about 3 minutes in and that might distract me from the time (concentrating on breathing takes a lot out of a person) or the workout is actually fun.  I haven’t decided yet.

I started Turbo Fire a while back and then switched to 30 Day Shred for an Instagram challenge (and my TF disks took a crap).  I still regret doing that because in all honesty, Jillian just gets on my nerves.  I was pretty turned off to workout DVD’s for a few minutes.  I professed my goal of starting and completing Turbo Fire again recently.  Right after I posted that goal here on the blog I completely forgot about it.  I just kept being lazy and didn’t actually start the program.  Hmmm….sounds like shit I usually do.

Any who, I had to really dig deep and start TF this past Monday.  So far I have completed the two workouts scheduled for the beginning of this week and I’m ready for my first rest day tomorrow.  The thing with TF is that you start seeing results pretty quickly.  That in itself is a great motivator for me.  The last time I started TF and got about 2 weeks into it, I started dropping inches right away.  The weight doesn’t come off as quickly but if things are starting to tone, I’m going to be ok with that.

I’m planning on posting my measurements and some before pictures here as soon as I get around to doing that.  I also plan on doing an update every 4 weeks.  I’ll do a comparison photo and new measurements at that point.  Hopefully those things will keep me motivated.  😉

Here are my stats for the start-

  • Weight Loss/Gain: N/A
  • Waist:  37
  • Hips:  43 1/4
  • Chest:  42 1/4
  • Thighs:  L-24 R-25  (WTF…a whole inch difference…I measured 4 times to be sure)
  • Arms:  L-13 1/4 R-13 1/4

Before Pictures (2/12/2014)-


Not toooo bad from the front


Oh dear Lord.  Side view is not pretty!  No, I’m not expecting.  😦


Even worse from the other side!!  Ahhhhh.  Thanks Dad for the genes that let me carry it in “the front”.


Flex pic because I had to.  Look at my face…I’m disgusted.  Ha!


And a regular clothes pic because I like my $15 Walmart dress.


PS:  Check out my awesome Polar Heart Rate monitor (and my feet).  Love it!  Thanks to my sister for getting me a Amazon GC for my birthday so that I could get it!!


Dead after HIIT 15 today!


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