Moving Right Along

I posted my stats and before pictures to document any progress I might have during Turbo Fire.  Shield your eyes if you happen to look back at it.  You have been warned!  😉

I wanted to check in today because I can officially say that I’m back.  I mentioned that I was struggling a bit a post or two ago and just the act of doing that seemed to have switched something back on in my head.  I’ve been tracking and working on my fitness.  I would say those two things are a win all on their own.  I’m also feeling good about my blogging and I’m completely enraptured with PUSH. You should really check out the PUSH program…it’s pretty freakin’ awesome…and it’s free.  Win/Win situation!

The items I still need to work on a bit are as follows (and I post these things here because it seems to help me move in the right direction!):

  1. Drink more water
  2. Get more sleep
  3. Add more fruits and veggies to my meals

That’s it for now.


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