A Revelation

Ok, so a big thing in my motivation is to keep reminding myself of my goals. I’ve tried keeping my goals posted on a post it in different places around my house. I also keep a journal which reminds me of my goals. Those things seem to help when I look at them but they are not as prominent as I need them to be.

So…after working on some of my PUSH days and prompts I started to realize that I needed my reminders front and center. I use the app Awesome Notes to put my day to day tasks down “on paper” but with that I have to actually open the app to see the goals. What could I use to have my goals as a constant reminder?

As I was playing around with my iPhone last night, changing up my pass code, I realized that I could use a simple or more complex pass code.


Welcome to my several times a day reminder!! So brilliant. 😉 I chose a word that would be a constant reminder. I’ll probably switch it up as needed. I’m amazed at how I have not thought of this before. Yay for new discoveries.

how are you reminded of your goals?


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