Being A Crybaby!

Weigh in results:

Gained  0.8 pounds

Saturday I decided to do my weigh in.  I recently changed my weigh in day from Sunday to Saturday.  It was the whole “going crazy on the weekend” thing that kinda convinced me to do it.  I was part of a group on Facebook and everyone was basically saying that they would in no way weigh in on a Sunday because that gave them too much stress.  I automatically started thinking the same way and decided to change my weigh in day.  Why?  I don’t know!  Because everyone else was doing it?  Probably!

Anywho, this week that change proved to be the wrong move.  Next week it might be different?  I hopped on the scale (ok, barely crawled to it because the day before I had a hard workout) and it showed a gain.  I stood there for a few moments with my mouth hanging open.  Then I came back to reality and realized that my tracking has been off, I’ve been stressed to the max, and I haven’t been sleeping very well either.  All of the above could definitely explain the gain.  Right then and there I decided that I just needed to keep going.  I decided to throw on my workout clothes and burn 869 calories with Turbo Fire.  Not what the old me would have done!!


Sunday morning I decided to get up and weigh myself again (daily weighing is a great motivator for me).  This time the lowest weight in months stared back at me.  Of course my grin stretched from ear to ear.  Seeing that gave me the motivation to keep going!

I decided to track more strictly, do my TF workouts as planned, and continue with PUSH.  I’ve also been drinking lots of water (which is probably the only thing that saved me from an even bigger gain) and tracking with a new app I found called Waterlogged. Love that app!  You can put in how many ounces your goal is per day and then log every time you drink a water bottle.  It totally motivates me to pick up that glass or bottle.  Added bonus, I feel much better and seem to have a little more energy.  Yay!

In regards to my tracking I had to cancel my Weight Watchers subscription because I couldn’t afford it anymore (see below) and decided to go back to My Fitness Pal.  I love WW but it’s not available anymore so I have to make due.  Moving on…

So that is the recap on my weigh in and what I’m doing to move forward.  Next is where the cry baby part comes in.

I completely understand that people around the world have worse situations than me.  I understand that there is poverty and illness and violence which I’m not subjected to.  I try to always remember that my life is blessed and that I should be grateful for everything in it.  Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful, but for the last two + months things just seem to suck in many aspects of my life.

I’m trying to hold on and continue on the path that I set out for myself but it’s really hard when so many things are thrown at you and you don’t have an answer for those problems.  I left my job of three years recently.  That was fine and dandy until my husband was laid off from his job in construction.  Since he is the main money maker, that put a big burden on us.  It’s not the first time it has happened and it’s not the last but each time it happens it sends things into a tailspin.  Stressing over how to pay the bills and feed the kids makes me sick.  Which takes me to my next problem!  Fighting.  Non stop!  My husband and I are both very stubborn. With the added stress of our job situation, all we have done lately is blame each other for everything.  I’m just tired of it and I’m ready to throw in the proverbial towel.  Then comes the issue of my own health.  My diabetes is now under control with my A1C numbers coming back perfect over the last 3 months but I’m still dealing with the h. pylori infection.  I have had two rounds of antibiotics, each 2 weeks and high dosage, and the damn infection will. not. go. away.  My primary doctor is at a loss and has now referred me to a gastroenterologist so that they can scope to check for other potential problems.  Awesome!  I’ve always wanted to have a scope pushed down my throat or up my ass.  Can’t wait for my appointment on Thursday to see which end is the winner.  All jokes aside, I’ve been dealing with the h. pylori for close to a year.  Well, I’ve officially known I had it for a year but my suspicion is that it’s been around even longer.  I had symptoms prior to my diagnosis that I mentioned to my then doctor and was just written off.  I’m thinking it’s more like 3 years now.  Cool!  H. pylori in itself isn’t that detrimental if you get it under control.  I have a hunch that my infection is “advanced” at this point which has potential for causing ulcers or in the worst case scenario, stomach cancer.  I’m so tired of dealing with this issue and all that comes with it.  I don’t even know what it’s like to feel healthy and normal anymore.  I’m sick, tired and defeated!  And my final complaint….my hip and lower back SUCK ASS!  I’ve been really into TF and those workouts can make a healthy person sore but with my issues I’m basically a hunchback after doing the workout.  I can’t do anything that involves “plies” or the “round house kicks” because my hip won’t cooperate.  Believe me, I try to force it, but the bitch won’t move the way I want it to.  Then my back gets involved and it’s all over.  Popping pills like a crack whore just to sleep at night.  Everything is a mess.  I’d like to just pack my shit and move to Mars.  Are they still taking applications for that?

I guess that’s all the complaints I have for now.  I could think of more but I’m even getting on my own nerves.  Now where are those muscle relaxants/pain killers…I need a nap.  Ugh!


2 thoughts on “Being A Crybaby!

  1. I think it’s TOTALLY fair to have moments of WAH and know that it’s a first world problem. Our issues are all relative to where we are and what is going on with us in that moment. A scratch is no big deal when you have a broken leg, but when you don’t well paper cuts hurt 🙂

    Ok I’m clearly no doc, but I had a major health issue dealing with my gut and a parasite and when they were at a loss, what we finally found was doing a 45 day parasite cleanse, yeah the kind of thing you find at whole foods. It worked. I thought it was a crazy idea, but after a year of no results I couldn’t believe it worked.

    • Thanks for the tip! Yes, I’m so tired of dealing with this stuff I’m ready to try anything. I’ll check Sprouts (I don’t have a whole foods near me) to see if I can find a cleanse like you talked about. The medical ways sure aren’t working so I’ll have to look elsewhere. :-/ Thanks for your words too! I appreciate it. 🙂

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