Kool the Jets

You know, instead of Kool and the Gang.

Makes sense, right?  Yea…I didn’t think so either.  It’s just the first thing that popped into my head when I wrote that title.

Any who, what I’m really trying to say is that I’m foaming at the mouth to start the running program again but I really need to “kool” my jets on that.  Right?  Now that I have this bug up my butt I’m gung ho and want to get going but I’m also thinking that I should first lose a few pounds although I’m at my lowest weight in years right now.  I’m compounded (see what I did there?) by the possibility of injuring myself because of the extra weight on my ass.  I know that’s probably an unfounded fear since other exercise is probably going to put some stress on my joints and muscles just like running would but I’m still on the fence about the whole thing.  What’s a indecisive girl to do?

As I figure it, I have a couple of options.  1.)  I could start my Turbo Fire workouts and do some relaxed walking in addition so that I can build up to running.  2.)  I could start C25K and skip Turbo Fire all together (cause Lord knows I won’t complete both programs consecutively…hey…you try it if you think it’s easy!).  3.)  Or, I could start C25K as it’s meant to be done at 3 times a week and use Turbo Fire as a cross training workout on 2-3 of the other days.


I choose #3!  That option seems like it would keep me mostly entertained because we all know what happens when I get bored with my workouts.  I don’t want to wait to start the run training because honestly, I’m so pumped up for it right now that it would be dumb to put it on the back burner.  Plus I would just be counting down the days until I could be done with Turbo Fire if I wait.

My anal retentive self is happy with that decision.

I’m off to re-figure my workout plans.  Boom shakalaka.

Gratitude Journal:  I’m happy for my ability of deductive reasoning.  Ha!  I’m just about always able to come up with something that makes me happy when I’m faced with several decisions.


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