A Little Product Heavy

So I hit up the Vitamin Shoppe yesterday (because Sprouts didn’t carry the stuff I wanted to try) and I picked up three things to test out on my resident gut bacteria. Ugh!



That little trio of stuff cost me $60!!!!  I almost passed out when I got the total but like I’ve mentioned, I’m ready to try anything so I anted up the money and took my little bag home.  I started taking the probiotic last night but waited until today to try the Mastic Gum.  You have to do the Mastic Gum on an empty stomach so it was better to try it this morning.  It’s way too early to say if this combo is going to help anything but I’m being optimistic and hopeful.

I also consulted a good friend who’s mom is very knowledgeable (Hi Steph!) in herbal/natural/holistic stuff.  I couldn’t find the probiotics she suggested so I had to go with the one in the pic.  She also suggested the liquid ACV which I already have but that stuff burns like crazy going down.  When I researched ulcers and ACV the info said it’s better not to do ACV if you have an existing ulcer. I don’t know for sure if I have one, but in case I do, I’m going to try and heal everything first before I try to adjust my tummy PH on a regular basis.  But I was happy to read some stuff about how ACV can help with weight loss and blood sugar control.  That seems to be promising so I’m excited to see what happens with that.  I opted to get the tablets and I’m looking forward to trying those.

We shall see where I’m at in two weeks, one month, this summer.  If I start to feel better you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to continue with the holistic stuff.  I’m going to visit my doctor in about a month as well and just ask them to test for the h. pylori again.  I’m anxious to see if what I’m doing will clear up any evidence of the bacteria.

Moving on…

I’m getting antsy about my C25K start this Monday.  I feel like I’m not ready!  Then again I’m probably just lazy.  Ha!  I recruited my daughter and son to do the workout with me so that should help.  I have a post coming up tomorrow talking about everything I’m nervous about when it comes to running and I think I have valid excuses.  I think you’ll agree!  In the end I do know that I have to do this.  Running the half marathon in February 2015 won’t happen if I keep making excuses.  Getting to a healthy weight (and healthy tummy) and completing that half are two of my top priorities right now.  I will succeed!

I’ve set a goal of completing the C25K program in the next 8 weeks.  As a reward I plan on saving up for the Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS watch to get me through the 10K bridge and Half Training.  I originally wanted to get the Nike+ watch but they recently gave Michael Vick an endorsement deal so I can’t go there.  Ha!  The Garmin watch is actually pretty awesome as I looked at it more closely.  Some of the cool features:

  • tracks distance, pace, and heart rate (super cool!)
  • live tracking which would be awesome for my family to keep track of where I’m at during longer training runs and races
  • works on a treadmill (I’ve heard the Nike watch has issues with this)
  • integrates with the online software (Garmin Connect) to keep track of your training stats
  • and…it’s super cute!

Forerunner® 220

Garmin Forerunner 220

I also want to save up for a new pair of shoes which I will need after the 8 weeks is up. I currently run in Nike’s but I don’t think we are going to be long distance friends.  They will probably carry me through my 5K training but I need something more supportive and running friendly beyond that.  I’ve heard good things about Brooks and Mizuno from serious runners.  I’ll have to hit up my running store to see which would work for me.  Two things to look forward to if I can get to my goal!!

In other news, I’m slowly getting back to tracking on a regular basis with MFP.  It feels good to be back into that routine and have some control over my eating habits.  I’m not weighing myself on a regular basis but I did hop on the scale the other day and noticed I was down another .6.  I thought for sure that my weight would have gone up significantly in the last few weeks.  I guess not eating and stress will keep you in a maintaining space.  Who would have thunk it?  I’ll post an official weigh in and measurement update at the beginning of April along with my monthly goals.

Gratitude Journal:  I’m thankful for technology.  I know…shallow!  But I really do love my various techy items.  My phone does everything for me and keeps me on track.  I love to read books on my Kindle (yea…I don’t care about actual paper books…sorry, not sorry). And my laptop/internet is my sanity.  I can find anything I need to find on it, entertain myself for hours (Hi, Pinterest and Bloglovin) and keep in contact with family/friends far and wide.  I love technology!


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