Day One of C25K

Man oh man!

I planned on doing day 1 of C25K on Monday but I couldn’t wait so I got to it on Sunday morning. I’m glad I did…


The day was absolutely perfect!  The weather felt good…not too hot and not too cold.  I told the kids to get ready and they grabbed their scooters and off we went.  I didn’t really know what direction we were going to go in so we just winged it for the most part.  My neighborhood is super hilly and I’m a chicken shit about that but I keep reading things that say hills are a positive in training so I reminded myself of that several times during my wog.

It may be because of Turbo Fire and the endurance those workouts take but the workout felt semi easy today.  I did get a little tired toward the end but I wasn’t doing a bunch of “when the hell is this interval over” type stuff.  The intervals actually seemed to fly by.  I LOVED it!  I know that I could technically skip forward a week or even two but I promised myself that I would do this program slow an easy so that I could avoid injury.  I’m going to stick to that.


I even got a decent calorie burn going.  I’ll take that!  The HRM was beeping at me furiously on some of those hills.  I just took that as a sigh of my badassness.


I have to say that I’m loving Runtastic as my running app.  I was using the Nike+ app but I had the Runtastic Pro app somehow (I think I got it for free at one point) so I decided to check it out.  It’s really cool!  I had some technical difficulties at first because I couldn’t get my C25K app and the Runtastic app to play nice when I was trying to play my music but in the end they both cooperated.  The Runtastic app is pretty cool because it has live tracking (like a certain Garmin watch that I want) so I’m excited to see if that’s a feature I’ll use often.  It also breaks down your splits, which I don’t really need right now but will use in the future.  😉  I also like the picture taking feature and the estimated calorie burn is pretty close to accurate.  I’d recommend the Runtastic app if you are looking for something to track your workouts.


Overall my first workout back to running was all that and a bag of chips.  I felt amazing during the run and after.  My kids were my partners but I think they are going to stay home next time.  They kept complaining and I had to double back a few times for my son on the hills.  Kids just aren’t going to push themselves as hard if they don’t have to.  Ha!  When we got home they claimed that I was running way too fast which is funny because I was just going at a speed that felt good.  From my stats it’s also obvious that I wasn’t running “fast” by any standards.  They are too funny! Next C25K workout is on Wednesday and I’m looking forward to it!  In the meantime I’m going to do some stretching and I’ll throw in a TF workout somewhere.  Honestly…I think TF really helped keep me in fairly decent shape so that I could do today’s workout without a lot of issues.  Boom!

Gratitude Journal:  I’m happy that my kids see me trying to be a good health role model.  It’s important to me that they see me working hard at a goal so that they too can learn to set goals and work toward them.  I need to keep this in mind when I want to give up or when I want to complain about how I look, etc. (not good for the 12 year old girl!).  I’m also happy that they were excited to join me today.  They have already said they are never going again but if they decide they want to, I’ll let them.  Even if it causes more work for me.  Hehe.  😉


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