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I had to dig around a bit to find my motivation in prep for the half marathon and to be honest, for running in general.  I have forever and a day before the big day of the half gets here but I know that time will fly by and before we know it I’ll be lacing up the sneakers.

I started reading the book below a year or so ago on the recommendation of a blog friend. When I started reading it I was part of a marathon training group (which I abandoned…sorry bout that) but since I already bought the book I figured it would come in handy for half training.  The book is based on a class which was originally taught at a university.  Students had to put their name in a hat (there were too many people wanting in) and their names were drawn.  Out of the 200 students that took this class over a 10 year period only one didn’t complete the marathon distance.  Most of the marathoners had little to no running experience.  Many didn’t even like to run they just wanted to prove that they could do it.  I found that amazing and that’s why I’m so intrigued with this book!  It really is incredible when you think about it!

The book is geared toward the marathon distance but I’m finding very valuable information for any distance in this book. There is quiet a bit of mental preparation in the book as well as tips and success stories from others.  I’m actually finding myself totally engrossed in this book.  There is so much in here that I nod my head at.  Like the notion that things are completely up to you!  I’m such a fan of that way of thinking.  When I forget that detail, I like to come back to it quickly because it really motivates me.  You kinda have to find your motivation and for me knowing that everything is in my control (for the most part) makes me want to go for it.  Positivity is key!  Hey…who knows….I may one day complete the marathon distance because of this book.  Maybe!

If you are looking to train for a marathon (or even shorter distances) you may want to check out this book.

The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer

Gratitude Journal: I’m grateful for people that have done hard things before me and share their knowledge. It’s comforting to know that there are individuals that “live to tell the tale”. If someone else has done it, YOU can do it!


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