Five on Friday

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                   1. Biofreeze is Awesome :: 2. This Shall be My Motto :: 3.  A T-Shirt Order ::

4.  My First Workout since November :: 5. My New BFF

Five on the Web

1.  Strength Training for New Runners courtesy of Runner’s World.  I’m definitely going to incorporate some of these moves.

2.  Two Ingredient Cookies.  Must try these!

3.  I tried this oil pulling thing and I have to say that I’m actually impressed.  I was a sceptic but my teeth have never felt cleaner. My only complaint is that it takes too long (20 minutes) and I don’t have extra time to do this daily.  Hmph.

4.  Game of Thrones is back on Sunday night.  I just died a little!

5.  My favorite face care routine:  Ponds Cream (for eye makeup remover…hands down THE best),  Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleaner (for full face washing 2-3 times a week…use Ponds the other days to wash your whole face), and my coconut oil w/ vitamin E (for eye cream but I lather it all over my face as a night cream). You have no idea!  This is the holy grail of face care.

Five Favorite Inspirations

Happiness is found when you stop comparing  yourself to other people

Instagram media by jason_vandenberg - finished vector drawing | #handlettering #handmade #vector #type #typography #lettering #typeverything #typographyinspired

A few words of optimism to get your week started off right #actuallyican #motivationalmonday #jewelkade


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