Some Updates

I feel like a million bucks!


Here are some updates:

Tummy Stuff

Ok, so making the decision to attack the H. Pylori with natural products was the best decision yet.  I wake up in the morning and feel like a normal person for the first time in years.  Yes, years!  I’m still taking the Mastic Gum every morning before any food.  Then I add the probiotic when I eat breakfast.  I don’t know if it’s killing the bastard bacteria but I feel so much better, and even if the bacteria is still there, it’s not making me sick on a daily basis.  I hope and pray that the bacteria is on it’s way out though.  I don’t want to deal with this crap anymore.  One thing that I’ve learned from all of this is that I’m converted to taking probiotics daily.  Not only am I feeling better but I also have less bloating and regularity (graphic…I know!).  Check out this article on probiotics-  Food Matters : 6 Healing Benefits of Probiotics.  Some studies suggest that probiotics aid in weight loss and staying at a healthy weight as well.  Plus there are lots of other benefits to taking probiotics.  I’m sold!  And the tummy troubles seem to be ending (knock on wood).  YES!

Back and Hip Issues

I’m still in love with my chiropractor.  There was a time when I would go to the grocery store in the morning and run a few other errands and by 9pm I was popping pain pills, stuck on the couch.  I wasn’t even doing anything strenuous!   I’m also slowly gaining some mileage with C25K and when I’m done for the day I’m feeling strong instead of crippled.  I’m noticing a major difference in such a short time that I’m forever a fan of the chiropractor.  It gives me hope that I’ll be able to complete that half marathon (with enough training) without a lot of pain.  The chiropractor is focusing mainly on my back issue and it seems to be helping my hip as well.  I went for a run on Saturday and twisted mid stride to look over my shoulder which kinda tweaked my hip but I was able to recover pretty quickly.  In the past something like that would have meant a few days off trying to recover.  I’m really happy with the way things are going.

Couch to 5K

Week one is complete!  I had a few moments of “I don’t wanna!” already but I pulled myself together and got the runs done.  Sure, there have only been three workouts so far but I’m feeling good.  I was really nervous about doing my runs outside but it turns out that I like outside much more than the dreadmill.  To feel the wind on my face and sunshine beaming down is refreshing.  When the distances get longer, that will be the real test.  It will be a test of whether I still enjoy running outside and it will be a test to see if the chiropractor is in fact working.  Also, I’m enjoying the hills in my neighborhood.  They are tough but I feel like they are helping me get stronger, faster.  Since I’m going for 2, sometimes 2.5 miles right now, I think the hill challenge is doable.  Once that distance increases I’ll probably seek flatter areas so that I don’t tire out too quickly.  Stuff to look forward to!  😉  I originally started with a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule but have decided to switch it up to Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday workouts.  I figured that I should do one day a week when the kids can join me.  I’ll be doing my Tue/Thur workouts while the kids are at school but the kids can come along on Saturday.  My daughter actually asked to go the other day so I want to foster that.

Food Tracking with MFP

Yea, this is going really well again.  Like any human, I’ve missed a few items but overall I’ve been doing really well tracking my food intake.  I’ve been saying it all along, but the food tracking is key.  When I track I’m reminded of what I put in my mouth.  I make conscious decisions about what to eat and it gives me pause before I reach for something.

Gratitude Journal

I’ve definitely missed a few days on this but I’ve done more reflecting than not.  I’m enjoying the reminder that there is always something to be grateful for.

Gratitude Journal:  I’m grateful for the beautiful weather right now.  It’s still cool enough to be outside without being burned to a crisp but warm enough to enjoy some of the sunshine.  This weather is making it easier for me to lace up my shoes and get out there for a workout.  I’m also excited about starting my own vegetable garden and I hope that this weather will help my little sprouts. Yay!


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