C25K Week Two

Ok, I was sucking wind BIG TIME today. I went out and did the first day of C25k, week 2. After a bunch of “just do it” and “it’s ok” (phrase my marathon book suggests) I got my ass out the door. 20140408-131000.jpg Man was it hot by the time I got done!!

I took my usual route which includes some big hills. I was all smiling and thinking how awesome it was to be outside until I got about half way through. I did a few “when is this over” s when I had about 4 runs left. I tried to tell myself not to look at the app but I couldn’t help it. I HAD to know. 20140408-131229.jpg In the end I was almost a minute faster per mile. Yay! Negative aspect…I ran out of running route before I was done so I had to do a few back and forths in front of my house. My neighbors think I’m nuts. For sure!

When it was all over I came home and did a few leg stretches. Runners lunge is my friend! I also did some wall sitting, squats, and those donkey back kick things to try to lift the booty. On another note, have you seen Kim K’s new booty pic? 20140408-131951.jpg That’s a lot of donkey kicks!

Upward and onwards…


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