Sore Legs=Strong

I took a few days off from C25K and felt guilty the entire time.  On Tuesday I was completely dressed (minus shoes) and ready to go when I realized that my running shoes were in my husbands car who was at work.  Since running in flip flops is probably a bad idea, I had to skip the workout.  Mental note to self…get more running shoes.

Then I planned on getting out there yesterday (Wednesday) and I just felt crappy.  My ribs and chest hurt and I wasn’t even sure from what. I didn’t do any weight lifting or strenuous anything so it was kinda weird.  It also hurt to breathe which is probably not a good thing (there was no coughing or anything like that) so I decided to sit out again.

I woke up this morning and still felt sore.  My ribs still felt weird but I decided that I’d probably be ok to ignore it.  Working out at the sports park, there are always a ton of people there in the morning.  I figure one of them would come help me if I dropped?!?!  At least I would hope so?



So I got my Nuun energy ready, dropped the kid off at school and went straight over to the sports park.  I sat in my car for a bit dreading the run.  I didn’t so much dread the actual act of it but I was certain that I wouldn’t be able to do it (my last run was over a week ago).  I thought for sure that I wouldn’t have the gusto to get it done.



I finally got out there and felt GREAT!!  I just felt alive being out in the sun and fresh air.  The city workers were cutting the grass and the smell of that alone gave me a huge boost.  I just kept thinking how lucky I am that I can walk and run and move my body.  The sports park also has a community pool and part of my route goes right past that.  I thought about summer time and how I want to take my kids to the pool during the day (one plus of working in the evening….I’ll be able to do fun stuff with the kids during the day).

I was just all nostalgic and shit.

PS:  Treadmill running is sometimes a necessity but if you run, running outside is so much more enjoyable!




I did end up struggling a bit on the last 3 minute run.  I try not to keep too much track of how many intervals are left or how much time I have to go.  I try to just think about other things but I did get a little “lord is it over?” when I was in the last minute of my last run.  I just felt like I was about to tucker out so I was really glad when the friendly C25K lady told me it was time to cool down.

I have one more week 3 workout to do and I’ll probably do that on Saturday morning before work.  Either that or Sunday if the kids want to go to the park to play.  I guess we could make it a family adventure.  😉

Next week is scaring the crap out of me when I look ahead.  Run 4, walk 2, run 6 (wtf!!!), walk 3, run 4!  I honestly don’t remember the runs building up that quickly last time I did C25K.  Are they sure that’s correct?  Ha!  I’m going to push and remember to go at it slowly when I start out.  I still have that tendency to start running at a pace that’s a little too fast.  I think that’s why I struggle pretty hard during the last couple run intervals.

Any who, all that said, my legs are nice and sore right now and I feel strong.  I can’t wait to get out there again!


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