C25k – Week 4





I can’t even believe that I did it.  I was breathing like a wildebeest trying to escape a cheetah.  The entire time I was running I would have little doubts creep up trying to tell me that I should just stop and take a break.  Let the breathing settle a little!  But each time my head won with more positive talk.  I just had to keep telling myself that I wanted to do this and that I could.

There is something to be said for mantra’s.

“You can do this”

“Do you want to do this?  There is no other option.”

“Keep your legs moving!”

“Strong, strong, strong”

“13.1 one day!”

“You can do anything!”


There is also something to be said for good music.  I’m not to the point yet where I want to hear my foot fall or breathing (like some other runners).  At this point both of those sounds are not soothing but rather anxiety producing.  As in, “damn…is that my heavy breathing and is there a herd of elephants about to trample me?” type of anxiety.



I love this song right now!




I’m really proud of myself for just hanging in there and getting it done.  I could have quit.  I could have made excuses.  But if I had I would have gone home and felt guilty about it.  Instead I got to go home and pat myself on the back!  I did that and sat in my backyard enjoying the peace and feeling alive.

Can’t wait for Wednesday!


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