Monthly Goals

I’m putting the monthly goals to bed.  I made it 4 months posting monthly goals but in recent months they have just kinda been there and not really a motivator for me.

I suppose I also ran out of goals.  Ha!

My goals are pretty set and don’t change too much from month to month so the exercise of trying to come up with new, fresh ideas started to become stale.  Moving forward, my goals are to lose the 35 pounds I have left to lose and complete C25k with the ultimate goal of completing a half marathon.  That’s enough on my plate, so to speak.

You might have noticed that the gratitude journal went bye bye as well.  I’ve been feeling kinda bitchy and ungrateful lately.  There has just been so much going on at my house and with work that I’m having a hard time staying positive.  My hope is that I can let go of some of the harbored anger that I have toward people and situations.  I need to find some sort of meditative process that is going to work for me.  I’m open to suggestions!

Things I’m working on to change my mental state:

  • Trying to find some freelance work online so I can quit my job.  I absolutely HATE my hours and I have no challenge whatsoever.  I’m feeling down graded.  Ugh.
  • I NEED to journal.  I’m thinking that I need to write down all my negative thoughts when I have them so I can really squash them.  Right now I’m just so mad at everything and it’s wearing me down.  I may need a journal this size…

  • Spend more time with friends and family.  This is really hindered by my current work situation.  I feel completely isolated. My husband and kids are at work and school and by the time they get home I leave.  I’m working weekends.  I work alone all night.  I just can’t stand my current situation and it’s up to me to change it!



3 thoughts on “Monthly Goals

  1. i love the pic 🙂 and I am so sorry you are feeling bad 😦 Anything I can do ? Have u tried a gratitude jar ? Write one thing u r grateful for each day put it in the jar ..then in a month read ..( they say a year BUT i am too impatient ) Its really funny when u read them …I remember one day ( a bad one here in CO ) I wrote grateful i have legs ..HAHHAHHA really reaching to be grateful that day !!

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