A Whinny Update


Long time no typing on here.  I’m so freaking tired!

I haven’t done any significant running in the last two weeks.  I’m afraid I’m losing everything I have worked up to. I don’t want to be failing at this but I am, once again!

I finished week 5 really strong and was getting really into the workouts.  Loved my Garmin telling me my stats.  They pushed me to try and work harder!  Then I did the first workout of week 6 and the next day I was hurting.  My hip and foot (which like to go numb during longer running intervals) was giving me trouble during the workout but I ignored it and finished.  The next day I couldn’t really stand up straight.  So I tried stretching and taking it easy for the remainder of that first week.

The next week arrives and I’m feeling like I want to try the whole thing again.  I’m still feeling sore and not too hot and it shows when I go out and try day one of week 6 again.  Everything is hurting and it’s hurting from the get go!  I couldn’t even do the whole 8 minutes of the first interval in one piece and had to take a walk break.  I’m thinking that it was probably just because I haven’t worked out enough over the last week and that I already lost some of my fitness.  Um…ok!  Anyway…I push through the rest of my workout and hobble to my car.

I wake up the next day and I’m pretty sure I have turned into Quasimodo over night.  Quasimodo with a stick up her butt.  I can’t for the life of me stand up straight no matter how hard I try to.  My first thoughts go to running!  “Great…make that progress just to fall behind even more!”  I’m just really upset with myself for not continuing with the chiropractor as he suggested I do.


That same day I called the chiropractor and made an appointment.  I went last Thursday and again this Tuesday.  Almost immediately after seeing the doctor on Thursday I started to feel better.  I was slowly able to stand straighter and today, I’m feeling almost “great”.  When I went back to see the chiro on that first day, I was surprised it had been a month since I saw him last.  I never did finish the treatment plan he set up for me and I never reached the place I was supposed to be at before I started “ignoring” my appointments.  Since I was feeling better from the few treatments I did, I felt like I didn’t need to go anymore, turns out I was wrong.

It looks like everything kinda resorted back to it’s original problems.  The right side of my back is super tight and it’s pulling everything off center.  Hence the pain in my hip and numb left foot.  I asked the doctor if I should be stretching or anything and he told me to hold off on that.  That was a surprise to me because the PT based his whole plan on stretching.  The chiro wants to train everything to stay were it should be before I do any stretching.  I guess that makes sense.  I don’t know, the chiro is like a God to me so I’m going to do anything he says from now on.

I have an appointment tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be cleared to run again after that!  The sooner I’m cleared the better but whenever I go back to running I’ll probably drop back down in training weeks.  I had planned on doing a Bridge to 10K after finishing the C25K program but I’m thinking I might just try to hang around the 3 mile mark for a while and then slowly build straight into half training.  I’m hoping that adjustment will get me where I want to be which is the finish line of the Surf City Half Marathon!  Stay tuned.


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