Moving and Blogging

Hi y’all! ¬†Or to be more exact…hi my two readers. ūüôā

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve left WordPress and moved back to Blogger. ¬†When I started this WordPress blog I didn’t realize that I would have to host my own site for over $100 a year if I wanted to really customize my page. ¬†Blogger is a lot more flexible when it comes to adding fun and cute stuff to your blog, for free. ¬†If you know me at all, you know that FREE is one of my favorite words. ¬†Since my blog is mostly for me to document my day to day (and not really make money from it) I figured that Blogger would serve my purpose just fine.

Anyway, I have my blog up and running over at¬†as we speak. ¬†It’s under construction but I’m excited to put it all together. ¬†See you there!


A Whinny Update


Long time no typing on here. ¬†I’m so freaking tired!

I haven’t done any significant running in the last two weeks. ¬†I’m afraid I’m losing everything I have worked up to. I don’t want to be failing at this but I am, once again!

I finished week 5 really strong and was getting really into the workouts. ¬†Loved my Garmin telling me my stats. ¬†They pushed me to try and work harder! ¬†Then I did the first workout of week 6 and the next day I was hurting. ¬†My hip and foot (which like to go numb during longer running intervals) was giving me trouble during the workout but I ignored it and finished. ¬†The next day I couldn’t really stand up straight. ¬†So I tried stretching and taking it easy for the remainder of that first week.

The next week arrives and I’m feeling like I want to try the whole thing again. ¬†I’m still feeling sore and not too hot and it shows when I go out and try day one of week 6 again. ¬†Everything is hurting and it’s hurting from the get go! ¬†I couldn’t even do the whole 8 minutes of the first interval in one piece and had to take a walk break. ¬†I’m thinking that it was probably just because I haven’t worked out enough over the last week and that I already lost some of my fitness. ¬†Um…ok! ¬†Anyway…I push through the rest of my workout and hobble to my car.

I wake up the next day and I’m pretty sure I have turned into Quasimodo over night. ¬†Quasimodo with a stick up her butt. ¬†I can’t for the life of me stand up straight no matter how hard I try to. ¬†My first thoughts go to running! ¬†“Great…make that progress just to fall behind even more!” ¬†I’m just really upset with myself for not continuing with the chiropractor as he suggested I do.


That same day I called the chiropractor and made an appointment. ¬†I went last Thursday and again this Tuesday. ¬†Almost immediately after seeing the doctor on Thursday I started to feel better. ¬†I was slowly able to stand straighter and today, I’m feeling almost “great”. ¬†When I went back to see the chiro on that first day,¬†I was surprised it had been a month since I saw him last. ¬†I never did finish the treatment plan he set up for me and I never reached the place I was supposed to be at before I started “ignoring” my appointments. ¬†Since I was feeling better from the few treatments I did, I felt like I didn’t need to go anymore, turns out I was wrong.

It looks like everything kinda resorted back to it’s original problems. ¬†The right side of my back is super tight and it’s pulling everything off center. ¬†Hence the pain in my hip and numb left foot. ¬†I asked the doctor if I should be stretching or anything and he told me to hold off on that. ¬†That was a surprise to me because the PT based his whole plan on stretching. ¬†The chiro wants to train everything to stay were it should be before I do any stretching. ¬†I guess that makes sense. ¬†I don’t know, the chiro is like a God to me so I’m going to do anything he says from now on.

I have an appointment tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be cleared to run again after that! ¬†The sooner I’m cleared the better but whenever I go back to running I’ll probably drop back down in training weeks. ¬†I had planned on doing a Bridge to 10K after finishing the C25K program but I’m thinking I might just try to hang around the 3 mile mark for a while and then slowly build straight into half training. ¬†I’m hoping that adjustment will get me where I want to be which is the finish line of the Surf City Half Marathon! ¬†Stay tuned.

Weigh In and Updates-Bullet Style

So this happened….

Up by 2 pounds exactly to 189.4.  Say what?

I guess that’s what happens when you stop drinking water, eat out more than 3 times in a week, skip the fruits and veggies, and cancel all outdoor workouts because there’s a little smoke in the air from the San Diego fires.

Other updates:



  • My hip has been bothering me again. ¬†I should have listened to the chiropractor when he told me he wasn’t done with me yet. I was scheduled for a few more adjustments and we were in the process of “training” my back to stay aligned. ¬†I hope I’m not back to square one!!! ¬†Off to see the chiro on Friday.
  • I still hate my job but I’ve gotten to the point where I count down the minutes till everyone leaves and I can dink around on the internet. ¬†I hope they don’t monitor my computer activity. ¬†Uh oh! ¬†Oh…who am I kidding…I don’t give a rats ass if they are monitoring it!
  • I re-started week 6 of C25K yesterday because of my week long break (see above). ¬†It was SOOOO HARD!!! ¬†I’m scared for tomorrow. ¬†10 minutes running, 3 walking, 10 minutes running. ¬†That doesn’t seem doable! ¬†Ahhhhh.
  • Still doing my online job. ¬†I’m liking the extra little income!
  • Still participating in Bzz Agent and Influenzer campaigns. ¬†I LOVE getting FREE stuff!
  • I just discovered Google Docs/Drive. ¬†Why would anyone buy Microsoft Office products ever again? ¬†I’m loving this software.
  • Nuun Energy is the ¬†Let me know if you see a ‘free shipping’ sale so I can stock up!




Scenes from my ‘run’



We were invited this weekend to my husband’s co-workers cabana at Pala Casino. ¬†I wasn’t going to go at first because I’m a hermit like that but decided at the last minute that I would join in. ¬†It. was. awesome! ¬†I didn’t swim or anything but I did hang out in the cabana. ¬†Those freakin’ things are worth the money! ¬†Serious. ¬†I feel the need to go to Vegas and rent one for the day and then go home. ¬†Ours had a ceiling fan, couches, a TV, and our own personal waitress. ¬†I’m addicted!

Well…that’s it. ¬†I know what I need to do this week to get back on track and I’m going to try hard to do it. ¬†I don’t want to slip back into the 190’s. ¬†Dear Baby Jesus!

Stay cool my friends.

Summer Skin Care

I’m excited to tell you about the new sunscreen I received as part of my involvement with Bzz Agent. ¬†I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors when I run and participate in other exercise and it’s really important to me to protect my skin. ¬†I’ve stopped tanning all together because I’m not interested in looking like the woman in ‘Something about Mary’ when I’m 80 (if I make it that far, God willing).

Bzz Agent recently sent me a full size sample of Coppertone Clearly Sheer.

I’m loving this sun screen. ¬†Some sunscreens go on really oily and leave a white residue but this is smooth and invisible. ¬†It has a really light scent which I love. ¬†I’ve tried the lotion and am excited to look for the spray at my local store. ¬†If the spray is anything like the lotion I’m sure I’m going to love it as well.

I hope you protect your skin in any way that is feasible to you.  If you are looking for a sunscreen to try, Coppertone Clearly Sheer is a great one in my opinion.

Monday Check In

It’s Monday check in again!

My regular posts are getting few and far between. I’m just so damn busy! ¬†Between my day job, online job and family obligations I’m exhausted. Any who…I guess once a week is better than nothing.

Thanks for the reminder to post my weigh in, iCalendar!



That’s right, somehow I stayed exactly the same! ¬†I’m just happy I didn’t gain anything extra. ¬†I do have to say that I ran yesterday and I’m really sore today for some reason (water retention, right?). ¬†Plus Aunt Flo is coming for a visit any day now so there’s that. I’m going to work on a good loss for next week. ¬†Yes, that’s the plan. ¬†If I see a 184 soon (lowest ever) I might pass out. ¬†I want out of the 180’s really bad!


I got this pretty baby as a Mother’s Day gift for myself. ¬†I’m really getting into this whole running thing and I dream about running clothes, running shoes and running accessories on a daily basis. ¬†Long gone (for now anyway) are the days where I pined after a new Coach purse (but I do kinda have my eye on this really cute Tory Burch one) and name brand clothes. ¬†I’d rather get workout related stuff. ¬†Ha!

Anyway, I finished week 5 of C25K yesterday. ¬†I barely dragged my ass along! ¬†I felt so heavy and tired the entire time, pretty much the first minute in. ¬†I ended up walking for about 30 seconds during the last 6 minute run but other than that I completed the intervals. ¬†I was actually surprised to see a 13 minute mile on the Garmin. ¬†I thought for sure I was a lot slower than that. ¬†That said, I’m going to start week 6 tomorrow. ¬†My days have been adjusting week to week and I know I keep changing it up but I’m getting the three workouts a week in regardless. ¬†They may not be on the scheduled days but they do get done. ¬†Boom! ¬†Week 6 starts out mild enough with R8/W3/R8 then R10/W3/R10 then R20 straight. ¬†Actually, now that I typed that out, that’s anything but mild considering my struggle yesterday. ¬†I better make sure to fuel right and get my rest! ¬†Yowsers! ¬†(PS: I don’t trust the calorie count on the Garmin, it’s about 100 calories less than I get with the same workout on the HR monitor)

Update: I just found where I can adjust my weight on the Garmin. We’ll see if the calorie count seems more accurate on the next workout.


On Friday after work we went to this park with the kids and played some basketball and softball.  We had a great time!  I was excited that I actually had some energy to participate.  15 pounds ago I would have just sat and watch my kids and hubby play, this last Friday I actually participated and had a blast!  A nice bonus to taking some of the weight off and exercising regularly.


Favorite meal of the week….BLT sandwich. ¬†I love Bacon!


Have you checked out Walmart for workout clothes? ¬†Honestly, it’s worth it! ¬†I usually get their tanks and tops there. ¬†They are super cheap (this bubble tank was 5 bucks) and comfortable. ¬†I have gotten a couple of capri’s there as well but they don’t work for me when running. ¬†Most start to fall down so I have to stick with the more pricey options. ¬†By pricey I mean Target. ¬†ūüėČ


Speaking of Target, this is 2014’s bathing suit choice and I LOVE this sucker. ¬†It’s the first bathing suit in about ever that I actually like and feel like I could wear in public. ¬†It was $35 or something like that so it’s totally worth it. ¬†I probably would have spend even more money on it since I love it so much. ¬†I plan on losing another 5-10 pounds and rocking the shit out of this bathing suit all summer. ¬†Yay!

Keep moving people.  Summer is 39 days away!

Monday Check In

Just a quick check in because I want to keep up with my set weigh ins.

Today’s Weight: 187.4 lbs
Change: gained 1 lbs

I expected worse so I’m ok with the one pound gain. Just reaffirms that I need to track my food (I sucked at this over the last week). I’m skipping measurements today but will do them in three weeks. I think once a month is sufficient?

love this quote

In other news…

*I completed day one of week 5 C25k this morning. It wasn’t easy but I managed to complete all of the running intervals it asked me to. Every time I wanted to give up I just told myself to try a little longer. It worked!! I tried running without my running app so my outcomes are estimates. I went a little farther this time. Yay!


*I also took the plunge and ordered a Garmin Forerunner 10 yesterday. I was at work, which is boring as hell, and found myself online shopping. Any who, I “ran” across the Garmin and was back and forth. I did a bunch of comparisons (DC Rainmaker is awesome for running stuff), video watching and consulting with my BFF (who didn’t talk me out of it like I asked her to) and an hour later I had pressed the “process order” button. I’m excited to get it and try it out!

i got the pink one ūüôā

*My BFF and I started a 30 Day Arm Challenge. It’s time to get those arms ready for tanks and swim suit season. I just finished day five and it’s harder than it looks!


*Other random things:
-I got my first online job!!! It’s a little extra income for now but could grow into something bigger.
-Getting this online gig makes me want to start my own business. I’m thinking running related gear. There’s such a huge market for it.
-My day job still sucks. I’m at the end of my rope with that and I’m about to lose it. Ugh.
-My back and hip issues are minuscule at this point. I get a little sore but nothing like before. I’m a fan of the chiropractor!!!
-I’m still struggling with staying positive. So many things thrown at us and it’s hard to keep up. Plus I’ve had a tooth ache for several days and all I see is $$$ signs when I think about going to the dentist to have it checked out. Ugh!

Just keep chugging away!!

Monthly Goals

I’m putting the monthly goals to bed. ¬†I made it 4 months posting monthly goals but in recent months they have just kinda been there and not really a motivator for me.

I suppose I also ran out of goals.  Ha!

My goals are pretty set and don’t change too much from month to month so the exercise of trying to come up with new, fresh ideas started to become stale. ¬†Moving forward, my goals are to lose the 35 pounds I have left to lose and complete C25k with the ultimate goal of completing a half marathon. ¬†That’s enough on my plate, so to speak.

You might have noticed that the gratitude journal went bye bye as well. ¬†I’ve been feeling kinda bitchy and ungrateful lately. ¬†There has just been so much going on at my house and with work that I’m having a hard time staying positive. ¬†My hope is that I can let go of some of the harbored anger that I have toward people and situations. ¬†I need to find some sort of meditative process that is going to work for me. ¬†I’m open to suggestions!

Things I’m working on to change my mental state:

  • Trying to find some freelance work online so I can quit my job. ¬†I absolutely HATE my hours and I have no challenge whatsoever. ¬†I’m feeling down graded. ¬†Ugh.
  • I NEED to journal. ¬†I’m thinking that I need to write down all my negative thoughts when I have them so I can really squash them. ¬†Right now I’m just so mad at everything and it’s wearing me down. ¬†I may need a journal this size…

  • Spend more time with friends and family. ¬†This is really hindered by my current work situation. ¬†I feel completely isolated. My husband and kids are at work and school and by the time they get home I leave. ¬†I’m working weekends. ¬†I work alone all night. ¬†I just can’t stand my current situation and it’s up to me to change it!