Monthly Goals

I’m putting the monthly goals to bed.  I made it 4 months posting monthly goals but in recent months they have just kinda been there and not really a motivator for me.

I suppose I also ran out of goals.  Ha!

My goals are pretty set and don’t change too much from month to month so the exercise of trying to come up with new, fresh ideas started to become stale.  Moving forward, my goals are to lose the 35 pounds I have left to lose and complete C25k with the ultimate goal of completing a half marathon.  That’s enough on my plate, so to speak.

You might have noticed that the gratitude journal went bye bye as well.  I’ve been feeling kinda bitchy and ungrateful lately.  There has just been so much going on at my house and with work that I’m having a hard time staying positive.  My hope is that I can let go of some of the harbored anger that I have toward people and situations.  I need to find some sort of meditative process that is going to work for me.  I’m open to suggestions!

Things I’m working on to change my mental state:

  • Trying to find some freelance work online so I can quit my job.  I absolutely HATE my hours and I have no challenge whatsoever.  I’m feeling down graded.  Ugh.
  • I NEED to journal.  I’m thinking that I need to write down all my negative thoughts when I have them so I can really squash them.  Right now I’m just so mad at everything and it’s wearing me down.  I may need a journal this size…

  • Spend more time with friends and family.  This is really hindered by my current work situation.  I feel completely isolated. My husband and kids are at work and school and by the time they get home I leave.  I’m working weekends.  I work alone all night.  I just can’t stand my current situation and it’s up to me to change it!



Some Updates

I feel like a million bucks!


Here are some updates:

Tummy Stuff

Ok, so making the decision to attack the H. Pylori with natural products was the best decision yet.  I wake up in the morning and feel like a normal person for the first time in years.  Yes, years!  I’m still taking the Mastic Gum every morning before any food.  Then I add the probiotic when I eat breakfast.  I don’t know if it’s killing the bastard bacteria but I feel so much better, and even if the bacteria is still there, it’s not making me sick on a daily basis.  I hope and pray that the bacteria is on it’s way out though.  I don’t want to deal with this crap anymore.  One thing that I’ve learned from all of this is that I’m converted to taking probiotics daily.  Not only am I feeling better but I also have less bloating and regularity (graphic…I know!).  Check out this article on probiotics-  Food Matters : 6 Healing Benefits of Probiotics.  Some studies suggest that probiotics aid in weight loss and staying at a healthy weight as well.  Plus there are lots of other benefits to taking probiotics.  I’m sold!  And the tummy troubles seem to be ending (knock on wood).  YES!

Back and Hip Issues

I’m still in love with my chiropractor.  There was a time when I would go to the grocery store in the morning and run a few other errands and by 9pm I was popping pain pills, stuck on the couch.  I wasn’t even doing anything strenuous!   I’m also slowly gaining some mileage with C25K and when I’m done for the day I’m feeling strong instead of crippled.  I’m noticing a major difference in such a short time that I’m forever a fan of the chiropractor.  It gives me hope that I’ll be able to complete that half marathon (with enough training) without a lot of pain.  The chiropractor is focusing mainly on my back issue and it seems to be helping my hip as well.  I went for a run on Saturday and twisted mid stride to look over my shoulder which kinda tweaked my hip but I was able to recover pretty quickly.  In the past something like that would have meant a few days off trying to recover.  I’m really happy with the way things are going.

Couch to 5K

Week one is complete!  I had a few moments of “I don’t wanna!” already but I pulled myself together and got the runs done.  Sure, there have only been three workouts so far but I’m feeling good.  I was really nervous about doing my runs outside but it turns out that I like outside much more than the dreadmill.  To feel the wind on my face and sunshine beaming down is refreshing.  When the distances get longer, that will be the real test.  It will be a test of whether I still enjoy running outside and it will be a test to see if the chiropractor is in fact working.  Also, I’m enjoying the hills in my neighborhood.  They are tough but I feel like they are helping me get stronger, faster.  Since I’m going for 2, sometimes 2.5 miles right now, I think the hill challenge is doable.  Once that distance increases I’ll probably seek flatter areas so that I don’t tire out too quickly.  Stuff to look forward to!  😉  I originally started with a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule but have decided to switch it up to Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday workouts.  I figured that I should do one day a week when the kids can join me.  I’ll be doing my Tue/Thur workouts while the kids are at school but the kids can come along on Saturday.  My daughter actually asked to go the other day so I want to foster that.

Food Tracking with MFP

Yea, this is going really well again.  Like any human, I’ve missed a few items but overall I’ve been doing really well tracking my food intake.  I’ve been saying it all along, but the food tracking is key.  When I track I’m reminded of what I put in my mouth.  I make conscious decisions about what to eat and it gives me pause before I reach for something.

Gratitude Journal

I’ve definitely missed a few days on this but I’ve done more reflecting than not.  I’m enjoying the reminder that there is always something to be grateful for.

Gratitude Journal:  I’m grateful for the beautiful weather right now.  It’s still cool enough to be outside without being burned to a crisp but warm enough to enjoy some of the sunshine.  This weather is making it easier for me to lace up my shoes and get out there for a workout.  I’m also excited about starting my own vegetable garden and I hope that this weather will help my little sprouts. Yay!

April Goals

Here we are again. Another month is upon us. Can you believe it’s April already? I don’t want to believe it.

As part of my little “2014 Monthly Goal” experiment I had promised to myself that I would set some monthly goals come rain or shine. Last month was a disaster in achieving those goals and the month prior to that wasn’t great either, but I’m still hanging on by a tiny threat so I’ll continue.

Here it goes:

– Back to tracking with My Fitness Pal. If I do nothing else this one is non-negotiable.  I’ve slowly been working on tracking everything, all the time.  I plan on being really good about this during the month of April.
-I started my C25k/Turbo Fire hybrid yesterday. My goal is to stick to the schedule I set for myself for this month.
-Continue with my gratitude journal either along with a daily blog post or on its own if I don’t write a post. I’ve been loving the journal so far. It reminds me to look on the bright side even when things are awful.

Since this is kinda a new beginning for me, I wanted to post my re-start stats.

-Weight:  187.4 (gained a few 😦 )
-Waist:  37
-Hips:  42
-Thighs:  L: 22  R:  22
-Arms:  L: 12 1/2   R: 12 1/2

*I gained weight but I lost inches.  Interesting!

I also took pictures for myself so I could see progress but I don’t think I’ll post them here until I have a comparison photo to add to them. Stay tuned for that and hope progress appears. Otherwise I’ll just have a bunch of fatty pics on my phone that no one should ever lay eyes on.

Gratitude Journal: I’m thankful that no matter what happens in life it’s never too late, too far gone or too “over” to try again. You can always pick up the pieces and move forward. Things in the past are in the past. You will never be able to change those things (unless you meet Doc and Marty McFly). They may be mistakes or things you wish had never happened but in all honesty they did teach you something about life and yourself. I would never trade my experiences. They have made me who I am today and I happen to like myself. Mostly!


March Madness

March is just about over and I have to say that I have not stuck to my goals. at. all!

I have not tracked regularily.  I have not eaten the amount of fruits and veggies that I should be eating.  I certainly have not reached my weekly exercise calories.  And the gratitude journal, yea, about that…

My March goals are not being accomplished.  That’s one thing I can say for sure!

My weight is hanging in there and I’m teetering about a pound up and then a pound back down.  So in general I think my eating is decent even if I haven’t been tracking consistently.  I have noticed that things have gotten a little more flabby though which is not cool and I know it’s related to not working out for close to 2 weeks now.  You can definitely lose weight without working out but your body isn’t going to look the same as when you add exercise to the mix.  Exercise tones and refines everything, so it’s definitely necessary.  I completely realize that!

I stopped doing Turbo Fire a couple of weeks back because of the medications my doctor put me on.  One side effect could be “tendon rupture” and that scared the crap out of me.  Turbo Fire is rough and demanding without possible side effects so I decided to take the easy (safe) way out.  I finally finished the medicine this week so I’m going to get back to the workouts soon.  I’ll probably wait a few more days until I stop feeling sore (yes, I haven’t exercised and I still feel sore…part of the damn medicine effects).  I’m really bummed because I had a great rhythm going with the workouts.  It’s going to be hard to get myself back into the mind set and then wrangling up the will power to get it done.  *Sigh.

Since my March goals have kind of fallen to the side because of several factors, I’m just going to try to finish out the month by sticking to the basics (I’ve been doing REALLY bad with this stuff):

  • Eat dinner at a decent time.  I’ve been eating after work which ends up being 10pm.  I probably should do breakfast and lunch (which I skip a lot of the time) at regular times as well.  I’ve been all over the place.  So come to think of it, I’ve probably stayed around the same weight because I’m not eating meals at all and then eating smaller amounts when I do.  No wonder I feel like crap.  Awesome!
  • Pick up the water intake again.  I’ve let that fall behind as well.
  • Sleep!!!  I don’t do much of that at all and I’m so fucking tired.
  • Track my meals/snacks!
  • Try to relax!  Stress is consuming me.

Well…that’s it.  March is a wash for me, apparently.  I can’t go back and “fix” anything so my goal is just to move forward and make some small changes to the way I do things.  I don’t really feel bad about March, I’m giving myself a pass.  As I mentioned in February, I’ve just had a lot of stuff going on and it happened to carry over to March.  Just keep swimming, right?

February Goal Wrap Up and March Goals (also WI results)

I’m not even kidding when I say I have had the worst month of February EVAH!  Seriously.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much the last month has sucked.

I’m so stressed I can barely breathe.  I don’t eat.  I don’t sleep.  I barely have the will to get up in the morning but somehow I continue to live and move about.  I don’t necessarily want to, but I do it because there is no other choice.

I don’t even honestly know what my goals were for the last month.  I had to look back on the post to see what promises I made to myself and here is the outcome:

  • Track everything I eat/No fast food
  • Turbo Fire as scheduled
  • Work through PUSH

Considering that I have had the month from hell it’s really surprising to me that I actually completed most of the goals I had above. Imagine that!!!!  I’m actually a bit shocked myself.  I can’t say that I consciously completed the tasks but in one way or another I got it done.  I ate out 3 times that I can remember and the restaurants didn’t have a drive through so I guess that’s win?  I tracked most everything and most of the time.  I know I missed some stuff here and there but I did track pretty regularily.  I mentioned it before but I’m now on My Fitness Pal instead of Weight Watchers.  Saving those Benjamins!!  Or not…I don’t think I’ve even know what a hundred dollar bill looks like in real life.  Ha!  Moving on….

I’ve been doing TF on a regular basis.  I took a few days off last week because I was having problems with every body part and organ I house and therefore decided I was just going to take a break for a bit.  I got back to it today.  Didn’t want to but ended up burning 400 calories even though I barely tried and took it fairly easy.  I’m disappointed by that because I really am a perfectionist but I guess it is what it is.

I’m nearly done with PUSH.  Loved the program and I learned several new things while going through it.  If you implement the program I can see it getting you to your goals whatever they might be.  That said, I worked through the program and did the assignments but I can’t say that I have implemented or stuck to plan.  Maybe another time, right now I’m just thoroughly defeated and I can’t imagine adding anything to my plate at this time.  Unless it’s an In n Out cheeseburger.  That I could add to my plate!

So there we are.  That’s February in a nut shell!  And what do I have to show for it you ask?  Well….here are my results for February:

  • Current Weight: 185.6 (Yes I’m listing it because I just don’t give a shit anymore)
  • Loss: Around 5 pounds.  I say “around” because I don’t have any idea what my weight was at the beginning of February (and the info is hostage on WW) so I can’t give an accurate measure for the month of February.  I’ve been so all over the place with tracking days and locations that I don’t even know anymore.  I do know that I have hit the lowest weight in about 7-8 years with that number.  Yay! *eyeroll*  Somehow that’s not impressing me.

I won’t officially do any progress pics or measurements until the end of this week so that will be a separate post.  I’ve definitely lost inches though and I know that because pants I haven’t fit comfortably in forever seem to be big.  We’ll see!

Now comes the most difficult part for me.  Figuring out my goals for the month of March.  I have a lot of personal/life goals at this point such as “try to survive this hell you are living” so it makes it difficult to focus on health but I decided never to give up so I’m going to throw some shit up here because I have to.  Boom!

Goals for March 2014 (all previous goals continued plus):

  • More fruits and veggies and keep up the water intake!!
  • Minimum of 2,400 calories burned a week via exercise.
  • Keep a daily journal listing what I’m thankful for on that particular day.

Previous goal reminder for myself:  track, no fast food, TF, finish PUSH.

And that’s it!

Honesty Check In

Quick check in…

Things are going well.  I’m hanging in there and trying to stick to my goals for February.  I’ve been slacking a bit in the food tracking department but I have been doing pretty good with the “no fast food” goal.  I don’t track everything I eat but I do know that I’m not overeating (too much).  I stick to healthy eating most of the time and stay aware of what I’m doing.  That’s not to say that I don’t eat the occasional Dorito.  😉

I’m doing fairly well with Turbo Fire as well.  Two days this month I had to double up on a work out because I took and extra “rest day” but at this point I’m caught up and I have done every workout that I was supposed to do according to the schedule.  I took quick measurements today to see where I’m at after two weeks of workouts and I have lost a few inches.  I’ll post official results in another two weeks.

I’m also loving the PUSH program.  In all honesty I don’t do each assignment every day but I do complete them (sometimes I do two in one day).  I’m currently all caught up and I’m loving what I’m learning about applying myself to my goals.  Chalene is very inspirational and I’m excited to see where this goes.

So that’s it for now.  I’m off to find some lunch!  Boom.  Weigh in day is tomorrow!  Stay tuned.


Turbo Fire – The Beginning

My choice workout program at the moment is Turbo Fire.  I LOVE this program because it keeps me interested.  It doesn’t necessarily keep me motivated, I have to do that for myself, but as long as I can get my butt moving in the first place then this workout fits the bill.  The workouts start and are over really quickly.  Even the 55 minute workouts go by fast!  It might seem fast because I’m pretty much huffing and puffing about 3 minutes in and that might distract me from the time (concentrating on breathing takes a lot out of a person) or the workout is actually fun.  I haven’t decided yet.

I started Turbo Fire a while back and then switched to 30 Day Shred for an Instagram challenge (and my TF disks took a crap).  I still regret doing that because in all honesty, Jillian just gets on my nerves.  I was pretty turned off to workout DVD’s for a few minutes.  I professed my goal of starting and completing Turbo Fire again recently.  Right after I posted that goal here on the blog I completely forgot about it.  I just kept being lazy and didn’t actually start the program.  Hmmm….sounds like shit I usually do.

Any who, I had to really dig deep and start TF this past Monday.  So far I have completed the two workouts scheduled for the beginning of this week and I’m ready for my first rest day tomorrow.  The thing with TF is that you start seeing results pretty quickly.  That in itself is a great motivator for me.  The last time I started TF and got about 2 weeks into it, I started dropping inches right away.  The weight doesn’t come off as quickly but if things are starting to tone, I’m going to be ok with that.

I’m planning on posting my measurements and some before pictures here as soon as I get around to doing that.  I also plan on doing an update every 4 weeks.  I’ll do a comparison photo and new measurements at that point.  Hopefully those things will keep me motivated.  😉

Here are my stats for the start-

  • Weight Loss/Gain: N/A
  • Waist:  37
  • Hips:  43 1/4
  • Chest:  42 1/4
  • Thighs:  L-24 R-25  (WTF…a whole inch difference…I measured 4 times to be sure)
  • Arms:  L-13 1/4 R-13 1/4

Before Pictures (2/12/2014)-


Not toooo bad from the front


Oh dear Lord.  Side view is not pretty!  No, I’m not expecting.  😦


Even worse from the other side!!  Ahhhhh.  Thanks Dad for the genes that let me carry it in “the front”.


Flex pic because I had to.  Look at my face…I’m disgusted.  Ha!


And a regular clothes pic because I like my $15 Walmart dress.


PS:  Check out my awesome Polar Heart Rate monitor (and my feet).  Love it!  Thanks to my sister for getting me a Amazon GC for my birthday so that I could get it!!


Dead after HIIT 15 today!