Monday Check In

It’s Monday check in again!

My regular posts are getting few and far between. I’m just so damn busy!  Between my day job, online job and family obligations I’m exhausted. Any who…I guess once a week is better than nothing.

Thanks for the reminder to post my weigh in, iCalendar!



That’s right, somehow I stayed exactly the same!  I’m just happy I didn’t gain anything extra.  I do have to say that I ran yesterday and I’m really sore today for some reason (water retention, right?).  Plus Aunt Flo is coming for a visit any day now so there’s that. I’m going to work on a good loss for next week.  Yes, that’s the plan.  If I see a 184 soon (lowest ever) I might pass out.  I want out of the 180’s really bad!


I got this pretty baby as a Mother’s Day gift for myself.  I’m really getting into this whole running thing and I dream about running clothes, running shoes and running accessories on a daily basis.  Long gone (for now anyway) are the days where I pined after a new Coach purse (but I do kinda have my eye on this really cute Tory Burch one) and name brand clothes.  I’d rather get workout related stuff.  Ha!

Anyway, I finished week 5 of C25K yesterday.  I barely dragged my ass along!  I felt so heavy and tired the entire time, pretty much the first minute in.  I ended up walking for about 30 seconds during the last 6 minute run but other than that I completed the intervals.  I was actually surprised to see a 13 minute mile on the Garmin.  I thought for sure I was a lot slower than that.  That said, I’m going to start week 6 tomorrow.  My days have been adjusting week to week and I know I keep changing it up but I’m getting the three workouts a week in regardless.  They may not be on the scheduled days but they do get done.  Boom!  Week 6 starts out mild enough with R8/W3/R8 then R10/W3/R10 then R20 straight.  Actually, now that I typed that out, that’s anything but mild considering my struggle yesterday.  I better make sure to fuel right and get my rest!  Yowsers!  (PS: I don’t trust the calorie count on the Garmin, it’s about 100 calories less than I get with the same workout on the HR monitor)

Update: I just found where I can adjust my weight on the Garmin. We’ll see if the calorie count seems more accurate on the next workout.


On Friday after work we went to this park with the kids and played some basketball and softball.  We had a great time!  I was excited that I actually had some energy to participate.  15 pounds ago I would have just sat and watch my kids and hubby play, this last Friday I actually participated and had a blast!  A nice bonus to taking some of the weight off and exercising regularly.


Favorite meal of the week….BLT sandwich.  I love Bacon!


Have you checked out Walmart for workout clothes?  Honestly, it’s worth it!  I usually get their tanks and tops there.  They are super cheap (this bubble tank was 5 bucks) and comfortable.  I have gotten a couple of capri’s there as well but they don’t work for me when running.  Most start to fall down so I have to stick with the more pricey options.  By pricey I mean Target.  😉


Speaking of Target, this is 2014’s bathing suit choice and I LOVE this sucker.  It’s the first bathing suit in about ever that I actually like and feel like I could wear in public.  It was $35 or something like that so it’s totally worth it.  I probably would have spend even more money on it since I love it so much.  I plan on losing another 5-10 pounds and rocking the shit out of this bathing suit all summer.  Yay!

Keep moving people.  Summer is 39 days away!


C25k – Week 4





I can’t even believe that I did it.  I was breathing like a wildebeest trying to escape a cheetah.  The entire time I was running I would have little doubts creep up trying to tell me that I should just stop and take a break.  Let the breathing settle a little!  But each time my head won with more positive talk.  I just had to keep telling myself that I wanted to do this and that I could.

There is something to be said for mantra’s.

“You can do this”

“Do you want to do this?  There is no other option.”

“Keep your legs moving!”

“Strong, strong, strong”

“13.1 one day!”

“You can do anything!”


There is also something to be said for good music.  I’m not to the point yet where I want to hear my foot fall or breathing (like some other runners).  At this point both of those sounds are not soothing but rather anxiety producing.  As in, “damn…is that my heavy breathing and is there a herd of elephants about to trample me?” type of anxiety.



I love this song right now!




I’m really proud of myself for just hanging in there and getting it done.  I could have quit.  I could have made excuses.  But if I had I would have gone home and felt guilty about it.  Instead I got to go home and pat myself on the back!  I did that and sat in my backyard enjoying the peace and feeling alive.

Can’t wait for Wednesday!

Monday Check In

Look at all the crap I strap on for a run. I don’t even think elite runners do that! Ha!

Quick check in before I head out to start week 4 of C25k (yes…I changed the days again, I can’t seem to get my behind out the door on Sat/Sun when the family is around. Ugh!). I’m absolutely terrified to start this week. The run intervals are sooooo long. It doesn’t seem right!!

I hope I make it? Hahaha.

Today’s measurements:
Weight: 186.4 (-0.6)
Bust: 39 (+2.5…I must have measured wrong on day one?)
Waist: 36.5 (-.5)
Hips: 41.75 (-.25)
Thighs: L-22.5 R-22.75 (-.5 & +1.75)
Arms: L-12.5 R-12.25 (-.5 & +.25)

Some of those measurements are weird but I’m thinking I probably messed something up then I measured on the first day…even though I measured several times. I also stood to measure today so maybe the differences come from there as well?!

I’m pretty ok with that outcome. I have to say that I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate lately and I thought for sure that I would be up 5 pounds today. I was pleasantly surprised that I had a loss, however small.

My goal for this week is to track all of my food, complete C25k week 4 on Mon/Wed/Fri, and keep drinking lots of water. I also want to add in some cross training on Tue/Thurs. Maybe a workout video or just some squats/lunges/etc.

Let’s make it a good week!! 🙂

Check In Monday


It’s Miss Indecisive.

I’ve had some really busy days in the last week.  I’m working more than I want to be (everyone else is apparently out of hours so guess who gets to work for them) and I’ve been simultaneously trying to get my shit together.  We also have family staying with us so the house is full (not to my enjoyment) and there has been nothing but junk food and other crap traveling through the house on a steady basis.  It’s enough to make you scream!

My one saving grace has been getting out of the house for my wogs.  Last week I was able to get out once and I started week 3 of C25K.


I discovered that the sports park is really nice and flat and that there is a semi good path to jog on.  I even have an option of dirt or pavement which was super exciting.  Except for the fact that the dirt path had some areas that were over watered by the city and were more swamp like than dirt like.  I enjoyed my run at the park nevertheless.  There are a lot of joggers over there and pretty much every single one gave a wave or a “Good Morning”.  I thought that was really amazing considering that most of the time people are so self involved.  Sorry…you know it’s true!  I’m going to use the sports park until I get bored of it.  I honestly don’t think I would have been able to complete the C25K workout as scheduled if I had done it in my hilly neighborhood.  I know hills are good to train on, but come on!  I don’t think they are good to train on if you can barely run in the first place?

Any who, before I knew it the week was over and there was only one work out done.  Woomp Woomp!  I’m not sure what happened there.  I just got really busy with all of the other stuff I had to get done during the week.  Appointments, grocery shopping, kids carpool, cleaning the house, etc. etc.  What can I say, the week just got away from me and I chose not to make time for myself.  I don’t want to fall back into my old habits.  I was doing well putting myself first for once.  It is what it is!

Seeing that it’s Monday today it’s a perfect time to revisit what I need to do this week.  I busted out my little weight loss folder today and discovered that I have not kept track of my measurements or weigh ins at all.  It’s just been really inconsistent and all over the place with the weigh ins. Oops!  I’m pulling out the weight loss tracking sheets and putting them next to my bed. That way they will be visible when I get up in the morning.  I’ve also decided that Monday is going to be official weigh in day for me and I’m only tracking it on my paper journal and here in a blog post (that was the other problem…too many places to update). Put that on the calendar!  We’ll see how it goes.

C25K workouts will continue to be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.  One mistake I made last week is that I let others get in my way.  For example, my daughter asked me one day to wait for her so she could go with me after school, long story short, it didn’t go down as planned.  I’ve learned that I’m better at morning workouts.  Not because I’m a morning person but because that way I can get it done and over with and have less time to make excuses all day.

Any who, today’s stats:

  • Weight: 187 (up by about 2 lbs)
  • Bust: 36.5
  • Waist: 37
  • Hips: 42
  • Thigh: L-23 R-21 (WTF?)
  • Arms: L-13 R-12 (again…WTF?)




I also got my Nuun Energy sampler pack.  I’ve tried the Wild Berry and Cherry Limeade so far.  They are both decent but I don’t know if I notice much of an energy surge after I drink them.  I suppose I feel a little more alert but over all it doesn’t seem like much.  We’ll see how I perform during a wog while drinking them since they are meant to be an electrolyte and energy boost for exercise.  The tablets are full of B vitamins and caffeine.  They don’t have very many carbohydrates at all and there is no sugar. That’s pretty much what drew me to them…the no carbs/no sugar aspect.  Check out the details here!

So that’s about it for me.  I’m going to be working hard on getting my ass back on track.  I’m going to watch what I eat with no official “diet” to speak of but trying to keep it as healthy as possible most of the time.  Move my behind like I said I would so I don’t fall off the training wagon.  I know that completing C25K is a must!  If I can’t get this done and have enough discipline for it then I will never be able to complete the half marathon training as planned.  It’s just a fact!

Let’s do it!

Eating Low Carb and No Sugar

I’ve been pretty busy trying to keep myself in check the last week or so.  I’m trying hard to take care of myself and still take care of everyone else too.  Everyone is so demanding, sheesh!  Finding a good balance is probably the most difficult part about all of this. I’m not just responsible for myself, there are others involved, BUT, I’m doing the best that I can because that’s all you can really do. Right?

I recently ran across a FREE Atkins kit offer.  If you know me, you know that FREE is THE magic word.  I ordered the little kit thinking that I would have a few protein bars to try out and then I’d move on.  When I got the kit it included a booklet that broke down Atkins into little pieces and what I read sounded easy enough.  Then I tried the Atkins bars that were in the kit and they were actually good. That’s how they get ya, they give you a few good bars to try and then you want to go back for more because the whole thing sounds so enticing.

The last time I heard about Atkins (at least 7-8 years ago) it sounded like it was in no way something I would want to try.  The person I spoke to about it was losing tons of weight in a short amount of time but they also claimed that they were basically just eating red meat and bacon.  No thanks!  I didn’t really look any more into it because that sounded ridiculous to me (I don’t even know if they were doing it right?) and I never gave it a second thought.  Then I get this kit and things kinda changed for me.  After reading through the info I realized that Atkins was leaning more toward the South Beach Diet phases.  Interesting!

Atkins is still very strict in carb and sugar restriction.  Yes, they suggest eating foods without regard to calorie or fat content from what I can gather.  The main concept is to keep your net carb intake to 20 grams a day.  I’m a carbaholic and this is mind blowing for me.  I was hesitant but I’m constantly stalling on weight loss when I calorie count so I was eager to give Atkins a try.

Any who, here we are and I’m on day four of no carbs, no sugar.





Some of my recent food adventures

I’m noticing that my tummy is getting a little flatter.  My tummy is definitely my problem area so that makes me really happy. Being carb and sugar free is NOT easy in any way, shape or form but I’ve kinda found a mantra that I repeat to myself when I want to eat that baguette (yea…a whole baguette sounds good) or a pizza pie.  I just tell myself “do you really think that food is going to make you feel better about the way you look…is it really going to get you where you want to be?  Make a choice!”.  It’s kinda working!

One thing I have noticed though is that I’m really tired.  More so than usual.  I don’t know if that’s because I’m fighting a cold or something or if my body is trying to figure out how to run without carbs and sugar?  My week 2, day 2 run this past Friday was extremely difficult.  From the get go I could hardly get my body to move.  I just felt really sluggish.  It could also have been a bad run day.  Those definitely exist and I remember them from the last time I was running on the regular, but I’m really wondering if my carb loving system is in shock.  It’s possible, isn’t it?  I ordered some of these Nuun Energy tablets.  Can’t wait to try them out…and they are low carb.  Woot!

I’ll be completing week 2 of C25K tomorrow morning (Sunday) and we will see how that goes.  I’m hoping to finish the week strong but I’m not sure how that’s going to pan out.  I hope that I have a good workout, I need it to be good to keep me going (both in my workouts and in my eating).


I’ll leave you with a pic of my fig tree.  The fruits should be ready soon!  I just need to get to them before the crows do.  Pretty, isn’t it?

C25K Week Two

Ok, I was sucking wind BIG TIME today. I went out and did the first day of C25k, week 2. After a bunch of “just do it” and “it’s ok” (phrase my marathon book suggests) I got my ass out the door. 20140408-131000.jpg Man was it hot by the time I got done!!

I took my usual route which includes some big hills. I was all smiling and thinking how awesome it was to be outside until I got about half way through. I did a few “when is this over” s when I had about 4 runs left. I tried to tell myself not to look at the app but I couldn’t help it. I HAD to know. 20140408-131229.jpg In the end I was almost a minute faster per mile. Yay! Negative aspect…I ran out of running route before I was done so I had to do a few back and forths in front of my house. My neighbors think I’m nuts. For sure!

When it was all over I came home and did a few leg stretches. Runners lunge is my friend! I also did some wall sitting, squats, and those donkey back kick things to try to lift the booty. On another note, have you seen Kim K’s new booty pic? 20140408-131951.jpg That’s a lot of donkey kicks!

Upward and onwards…

Some Updates

I feel like a million bucks!


Here are some updates:

Tummy Stuff

Ok, so making the decision to attack the H. Pylori with natural products was the best decision yet.  I wake up in the morning and feel like a normal person for the first time in years.  Yes, years!  I’m still taking the Mastic Gum every morning before any food.  Then I add the probiotic when I eat breakfast.  I don’t know if it’s killing the bastard bacteria but I feel so much better, and even if the bacteria is still there, it’s not making me sick on a daily basis.  I hope and pray that the bacteria is on it’s way out though.  I don’t want to deal with this crap anymore.  One thing that I’ve learned from all of this is that I’m converted to taking probiotics daily.  Not only am I feeling better but I also have less bloating and regularity (graphic…I know!).  Check out this article on probiotics-  Food Matters : 6 Healing Benefits of Probiotics.  Some studies suggest that probiotics aid in weight loss and staying at a healthy weight as well.  Plus there are lots of other benefits to taking probiotics.  I’m sold!  And the tummy troubles seem to be ending (knock on wood).  YES!

Back and Hip Issues

I’m still in love with my chiropractor.  There was a time when I would go to the grocery store in the morning and run a few other errands and by 9pm I was popping pain pills, stuck on the couch.  I wasn’t even doing anything strenuous!   I’m also slowly gaining some mileage with C25K and when I’m done for the day I’m feeling strong instead of crippled.  I’m noticing a major difference in such a short time that I’m forever a fan of the chiropractor.  It gives me hope that I’ll be able to complete that half marathon (with enough training) without a lot of pain.  The chiropractor is focusing mainly on my back issue and it seems to be helping my hip as well.  I went for a run on Saturday and twisted mid stride to look over my shoulder which kinda tweaked my hip but I was able to recover pretty quickly.  In the past something like that would have meant a few days off trying to recover.  I’m really happy with the way things are going.

Couch to 5K

Week one is complete!  I had a few moments of “I don’t wanna!” already but I pulled myself together and got the runs done.  Sure, there have only been three workouts so far but I’m feeling good.  I was really nervous about doing my runs outside but it turns out that I like outside much more than the dreadmill.  To feel the wind on my face and sunshine beaming down is refreshing.  When the distances get longer, that will be the real test.  It will be a test of whether I still enjoy running outside and it will be a test to see if the chiropractor is in fact working.  Also, I’m enjoying the hills in my neighborhood.  They are tough but I feel like they are helping me get stronger, faster.  Since I’m going for 2, sometimes 2.5 miles right now, I think the hill challenge is doable.  Once that distance increases I’ll probably seek flatter areas so that I don’t tire out too quickly.  Stuff to look forward to!  😉  I originally started with a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule but have decided to switch it up to Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday workouts.  I figured that I should do one day a week when the kids can join me.  I’ll be doing my Tue/Thur workouts while the kids are at school but the kids can come along on Saturday.  My daughter actually asked to go the other day so I want to foster that.

Food Tracking with MFP

Yea, this is going really well again.  Like any human, I’ve missed a few items but overall I’ve been doing really well tracking my food intake.  I’ve been saying it all along, but the food tracking is key.  When I track I’m reminded of what I put in my mouth.  I make conscious decisions about what to eat and it gives me pause before I reach for something.

Gratitude Journal

I’ve definitely missed a few days on this but I’ve done more reflecting than not.  I’m enjoying the reminder that there is always something to be grateful for.

Gratitude Journal:  I’m grateful for the beautiful weather right now.  It’s still cool enough to be outside without being burned to a crisp but warm enough to enjoy some of the sunshine.  This weather is making it easier for me to lace up my shoes and get out there for a workout.  I’m also excited about starting my own vegetable garden and I hope that this weather will help my little sprouts. Yay!