Monday Check In

It’s Monday check in again!

My regular posts are getting few and far between. I’m just so damn busy!  Between my day job, online job and family obligations I’m exhausted. Any who…I guess once a week is better than nothing.

Thanks for the reminder to post my weigh in, iCalendar!



That’s right, somehow I stayed exactly the same!  I’m just happy I didn’t gain anything extra.  I do have to say that I ran yesterday and I’m really sore today for some reason (water retention, right?).  Plus Aunt Flo is coming for a visit any day now so there’s that. I’m going to work on a good loss for next week.  Yes, that’s the plan.  If I see a 184 soon (lowest ever) I might pass out.  I want out of the 180’s really bad!


I got this pretty baby as a Mother’s Day gift for myself.  I’m really getting into this whole running thing and I dream about running clothes, running shoes and running accessories on a daily basis.  Long gone (for now anyway) are the days where I pined after a new Coach purse (but I do kinda have my eye on this really cute Tory Burch one) and name brand clothes.  I’d rather get workout related stuff.  Ha!

Anyway, I finished week 5 of C25K yesterday.  I barely dragged my ass along!  I felt so heavy and tired the entire time, pretty much the first minute in.  I ended up walking for about 30 seconds during the last 6 minute run but other than that I completed the intervals.  I was actually surprised to see a 13 minute mile on the Garmin.  I thought for sure I was a lot slower than that.  That said, I’m going to start week 6 tomorrow.  My days have been adjusting week to week and I know I keep changing it up but I’m getting the three workouts a week in regardless.  They may not be on the scheduled days but they do get done.  Boom!  Week 6 starts out mild enough with R8/W3/R8 then R10/W3/R10 then R20 straight.  Actually, now that I typed that out, that’s anything but mild considering my struggle yesterday.  I better make sure to fuel right and get my rest!  Yowsers!  (PS: I don’t trust the calorie count on the Garmin, it’s about 100 calories less than I get with the same workout on the HR monitor)

Update: I just found where I can adjust my weight on the Garmin. We’ll see if the calorie count seems more accurate on the next workout.


On Friday after work we went to this park with the kids and played some basketball and softball.  We had a great time!  I was excited that I actually had some energy to participate.  15 pounds ago I would have just sat and watch my kids and hubby play, this last Friday I actually participated and had a blast!  A nice bonus to taking some of the weight off and exercising regularly.


Favorite meal of the week….BLT sandwich.  I love Bacon!


Have you checked out Walmart for workout clothes?  Honestly, it’s worth it!  I usually get their tanks and tops there.  They are super cheap (this bubble tank was 5 bucks) and comfortable.  I have gotten a couple of capri’s there as well but they don’t work for me when running.  Most start to fall down so I have to stick with the more pricey options.  By pricey I mean Target.  😉


Speaking of Target, this is 2014’s bathing suit choice and I LOVE this sucker.  It’s the first bathing suit in about ever that I actually like and feel like I could wear in public.  It was $35 or something like that so it’s totally worth it.  I probably would have spend even more money on it since I love it so much.  I plan on losing another 5-10 pounds and rocking the shit out of this bathing suit all summer.  Yay!

Keep moving people.  Summer is 39 days away!


Monday Check In

Look at all the crap I strap on for a run. I don’t even think elite runners do that! Ha!

Quick check in before I head out to start week 4 of C25k (yes…I changed the days again, I can’t seem to get my behind out the door on Sat/Sun when the family is around. Ugh!). I’m absolutely terrified to start this week. The run intervals are sooooo long. It doesn’t seem right!!

I hope I make it? Hahaha.

Today’s measurements:
Weight: 186.4 (-0.6)
Bust: 39 (+2.5…I must have measured wrong on day one?)
Waist: 36.5 (-.5)
Hips: 41.75 (-.25)
Thighs: L-22.5 R-22.75 (-.5 & +1.75)
Arms: L-12.5 R-12.25 (-.5 & +.25)

Some of those measurements are weird but I’m thinking I probably messed something up then I measured on the first day…even though I measured several times. I also stood to measure today so maybe the differences come from there as well?!

I’m pretty ok with that outcome. I have to say that I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate lately and I thought for sure that I would be up 5 pounds today. I was pleasantly surprised that I had a loss, however small.

My goal for this week is to track all of my food, complete C25k week 4 on Mon/Wed/Fri, and keep drinking lots of water. I also want to add in some cross training on Tue/Thurs. Maybe a workout video or just some squats/lunges/etc.

Let’s make it a good week!! 🙂

February Goal Wrap Up and March Goals (also WI results)

I’m not even kidding when I say I have had the worst month of February EVAH!  Seriously.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much the last month has sucked.

I’m so stressed I can barely breathe.  I don’t eat.  I don’t sleep.  I barely have the will to get up in the morning but somehow I continue to live and move about.  I don’t necessarily want to, but I do it because there is no other choice.

I don’t even honestly know what my goals were for the last month.  I had to look back on the post to see what promises I made to myself and here is the outcome:

  • Track everything I eat/No fast food
  • Turbo Fire as scheduled
  • Work through PUSH

Considering that I have had the month from hell it’s really surprising to me that I actually completed most of the goals I had above. Imagine that!!!!  I’m actually a bit shocked myself.  I can’t say that I consciously completed the tasks but in one way or another I got it done.  I ate out 3 times that I can remember and the restaurants didn’t have a drive through so I guess that’s win?  I tracked most everything and most of the time.  I know I missed some stuff here and there but I did track pretty regularily.  I mentioned it before but I’m now on My Fitness Pal instead of Weight Watchers.  Saving those Benjamins!!  Or not…I don’t think I’ve even know what a hundred dollar bill looks like in real life.  Ha!  Moving on….

I’ve been doing TF on a regular basis.  I took a few days off last week because I was having problems with every body part and organ I house and therefore decided I was just going to take a break for a bit.  I got back to it today.  Didn’t want to but ended up burning 400 calories even though I barely tried and took it fairly easy.  I’m disappointed by that because I really am a perfectionist but I guess it is what it is.

I’m nearly done with PUSH.  Loved the program and I learned several new things while going through it.  If you implement the program I can see it getting you to your goals whatever they might be.  That said, I worked through the program and did the assignments but I can’t say that I have implemented or stuck to plan.  Maybe another time, right now I’m just thoroughly defeated and I can’t imagine adding anything to my plate at this time.  Unless it’s an In n Out cheeseburger.  That I could add to my plate!

So there we are.  That’s February in a nut shell!  And what do I have to show for it you ask?  Well….here are my results for February:

  • Current Weight: 185.6 (Yes I’m listing it because I just don’t give a shit anymore)
  • Loss: Around 5 pounds.  I say “around” because I don’t have any idea what my weight was at the beginning of February (and the info is hostage on WW) so I can’t give an accurate measure for the month of February.  I’ve been so all over the place with tracking days and locations that I don’t even know anymore.  I do know that I have hit the lowest weight in about 7-8 years with that number.  Yay! *eyeroll*  Somehow that’s not impressing me.

I won’t officially do any progress pics or measurements until the end of this week so that will be a separate post.  I’ve definitely lost inches though and I know that because pants I haven’t fit comfortably in forever seem to be big.  We’ll see!

Now comes the most difficult part for me.  Figuring out my goals for the month of March.  I have a lot of personal/life goals at this point such as “try to survive this hell you are living” so it makes it difficult to focus on health but I decided never to give up so I’m going to throw some shit up here because I have to.  Boom!

Goals for March 2014 (all previous goals continued plus):

  • More fruits and veggies and keep up the water intake!!
  • Minimum of 2,400 calories burned a week via exercise.
  • Keep a daily journal listing what I’m thankful for on that particular day.

Previous goal reminder for myself:  track, no fast food, TF, finish PUSH.

And that’s it!

Weight Watchers Online

I got an email the other day from Weight Watchers.  Being a previous member I get a ton of emails that try to entice me to sign back up.  The email I got the other day ended up doing the job, I decided to sign up for the online program.

Truth be told, if you work the program it will work for you.  I spent so many wasted months trying to find a diet that would get me quick results.  During 2013 I probably tried at least 4 different diets (Body Reset, South Beach, Slim Fast, soup diet, etc.) and supplements that promised weight loss results.  Not one diet I tried was sustainable (how the hell do people carry around freaking smoothies everywhere they go?) and although I did get some quick results, the weight just came back the minute I started eating like a normal fat person.  I learned absolutely nothing, except that defeat tastes shitty!

I’m currently a week and two days into WW again.  I took it slow as I started out and really did some exploring within the program. WW isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life.  The program teaches you how to have a healthy relationship with food, it’s not just telling you how to be restrictive and what you should  and shouldn’t eat.  I had success on WW before, losing about 35 pounds, and I know that it works.

Yes, it is true that I have started and stopped WW many times before but I can’t allow that to happen again.  I’m invested this time around.  I took my first week on program to really get my head on straight.  WW has a Success Handbook (which I had laying around) that gives you some great tools to figure out your how, why, where, what, etc.  I worked through that book in the first week and I came out at the other end with a clear understanding of how tough this will be, but also how worth it the journey will get.

My first order of business was just figuring out what to eat.  Obvi!  My first round at the rodeo, where I reached my final goals, I tended to eat the same things everyday.  I’d have a hard boiled egg and slice of toast for breakfast, a frozen meal for lunch and a decent portion for dinner.  That worked!  There was little guess work.  Plus I was single and poor so my food choices were minimal.  Ha!  This time around (or the other 3 times I’ve attempted WW while trying to take care of a family) it’s proven to be a lot harder.  My family isn’t willing to eat some of my “experimental”  meals so I’m trying to navigate around that.  Luckily WW is very aware of the different populations that come to WW for help and their resources are enormous.  After really considering all of my options I’ve come to the point where I know that I need to keep it simple.  Fancy isn’t going to work here!

*I also found an IG’er that posts great WW food ideas-whatjenjustate

20131230-121345.jpgA typical breakfast on WW.  This one was 5 points.

I can’t say that I will have a loss every week, I didn’t even have a loss the first week, but I know that if I stick with it my body will eventually follow along.  Honestly tracking, drinking my water, incorporating veggies and fruit at every meal, getting active, and sleeping when I need to are all keys to my success.  I will stumble but as long as I get back up, I will get there.

WW discourages beginners from choosing their ultimate goal right off the bat, but lets be honest, everyone has that one (or several depending how you feel) number(s) in their head that look good from afar.  I have my eye on losing 38 pounds!  Daunting but doable.  Spoiler alert:  Broken down into manageable pieces that means my first goal is to lose 5% (a little less than 10 pounds). When I get to the milestone, I’ll set my next goal.  Looking at 38 POUNDS TO LOSE just makes me sick to my stomach.

I’ll be checking in here with my weekly weigh ins.  They will probably be general, as in, “I lost/gained x amount of pounds this week” but it’s the accountability I’m looking for nevertheless.

Let’s do this!


I’m excited to get reading!

What’s your eating plan?  Do you have one?  Does it work for you?

Resolutions? Or Not?

I wish I was consistent with this blog!  It’s such a great tool and motivator for me.


Seen at Knott’s Berry Farm.  I LOVE this!  I’m going to have to DIY myself a sign like this!

I’ve had quiet a few things happen in the last few weeks.  I came down with the stomach flu which SUCKED in a major way.  My Turbo Fire disks stopped working completely (they are scratched and freeze up).  I lost weight, probably because of the flu. Christmas.  And a change to my eating approach.  FYI – I’ll be posting separately about most of the above, this post is about resolutions.  There was other stuff too but I’m too lazy to address those things.  Ha!

Any who!

So here we are.  On the eve, eve of the new year.  Time to start making resolutions?  Although…I’m not much of a New Years day resolution maker.  I firmly believe that you can make resolutions anytime of the year, whenever you need to.  I myself make plenty of resolutions on a very consistent basis.  The trick is actually keeping them.  That’s were my strategy is lacking.  🙂

This year I’ve decided to follow the lead of the Hollywood Housewife.  I ran across HH’s post today entitled “make or break habits, my 2014 discipline challenge” (found at the link above).  Laura suggests making a new resolution every month for 2014. Little things that you can honestly conquer and that you need to make improvement on.  Lets face it, it’s fun and thrilling to make a resolution.  When they are fresh goals they seem so much more exciting, don’t they?  Laura lists a few ideas such as going on a social media break, no eating out, not uttering anything negative, etc.  For the month of January she is going on a spending freeze.  I need to go on a spending freeze too!  I have a bad habit of going to Target for toilet paper and coming home with makeup, a new toaster oven, and magazines because I tell myself that I “need” them.  Not!  I’m really digging the one goal a month idea but my hang up is that I’m seriously struggling with picking just ONE goal when it seems like I have so much more that I need to conquer.



This post has now taken me a good hour and a half to compose.  I’m wrestling with the “one goal” a month concept.  How do I give enough attention to ALL of my goals if I’m only focusing closely on one?  I’m so Type A that this is really hard for me to wrap my head around.  I’m almost in pain trying to come up with a strategy to cover all my bases.  I like to go full throttle, even if it means being overwhelmed and falling short.  2014 has to be the year that I learn how to make my big dreams more manageable and attainable!

Everything I’ve read and researched confirms that if you have a big end goal in mind your best approach is to break that big goal down into smaller, quickly achievable goals.  The thrill in attaining the small goals gives you that extra push to keep moving toward your ultimate goal.  Ex:  If you have 50 pounds to lose it’s better to attack that goal by breaking it down into 5 pound increments.  Every time you reach one of those increments you are one step closer to the end, giving you courage to keep going.  Broken down goals are less intimidating.  Or so they say.  Like I said above, I have a hard time accepting this way of approaching things.  I’m always looking toward the finish line!

Being the anal retentive that I am, I had to search the never ending web for some more inspiration regarding this “one goal” idea.  I ran across a blog post from last year that talks about having a word for the month.  I also found bloggers talking about creating 5 monthly goals in three different aspects of life.  Some people even talked about having a goal for Every. Freakin. Day.  What?  That’s just nuts!  I’m resourceful.  I’ll take an idea and morph it into something that will work for me.

Here is what I’ll be doing:

My idea is to select one general life goal, one health/eating goal, and one exercise goal for each month.  Phew!  Just typing that out completely brought relief to my anxiety.  Ha!  My general goals have a monthly time limit but my health and exercise goals will most likely carry forward each month as I’m working on them.  I’ll be brainstorming my monthly goals offline but plan on making them public at the beginning of each new month so that they hold some accountability.  Come back on January 1st to see what my goals are.  I’m excited to get started!

Will you be making monthly resolutions?  Do you make resolutions for the entire year?  Do they stick?

PS:  I have not read all the way through this article/blog but what I have read seems really interesting and helpful.  Check out the Refocuser for help in creating your own plan.

Time Flys

My last post was on December 2nd.  Time absolutely flies!!

Since I’ve been gone (from the blog, not from earth) I’ve completed some more of the Turbo Fire workouts.  I’m running into some problems with my disks though, they skip and freeze so bad it makes me want to scream!  It’s to the point where I almost want to quit the whole program.  I love it so much though that I’m not quiet ready to do that yet.  Ha!

My sister has a set of disks and I’ve asked to borrow hers.  If she is using them or not able to loan them to me, I may just purchase myself a new set.  I’ve been thinking about signing up to be coach and when you sign up you can get a challenge pack at a discount (you can get a challenge pack even if you are not a coach) which includes Shakeology.  I’ve been wanting to try Shakeology as well so it’s probably a good idea.  The only hang up I have right now is that I don’t want to spend money on something I already have (even if it doesn’t work right) and I’m interested in Shaun T’s new workout, T25.  Long story short, I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  I know I’ll be ordering a set, I just don’t know which one.

Progress update:

  • I did the Turbo Fire workouts 4 times this week out of the 6 you are supposed to do.
  • I just started week 2 today (skipped day one yesterday but did it today, wanted to do today’s workout today but the disk keeps freezing)
  • I’ve lost 2 pounds.
  • Things seems to be getting tighter (and sore).
  • My eating has been really bad so I need to reign that in.

Wish me luck with my disk issues.  I don’t want to lose momentum and if my disks don’t work, it will happen!  Ahhhh.